Australian Institute of Criminology

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  • AIC Australian Institute of Criminology
  • BCS British Crime Survey
  • CALD culturally and linguistically diverse
  • CRCC Canberra Rape Crisis Centre
  • CYFS Department of Child, Youth and Family Services
  • DPP Department of Public Prosecutions
  • DVCS Domestic Violence Crisis Service
  • FVIR Family Violence Incident Review
  • ICVS International Crime Victimisation Survey
  • MoU Memorandum of Understanding
  • NZCASS New Zealand Crime and Safety Survey
  • PERT Performance, Evaluation and Review team
  • PROMIS Police Realtime Online Management Information System
  • SCS Scottish Crime Survey
  • TIG Territory Investigations Group
  • VLOs Victim Liaison Officers
  • VoCC Victims of Crime Coordinator