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Appendix A Redaction letter sequences

Table A1 Letter sequences used during redaction
Stage of redaction Sequence Relationship
Stage One XXXX Subject of report
OOOO Offender
MMMM Mother
FFFF Father
HHHH/XHXH Husband/Ex-husband
WIWI/XWIXWI Wife/Ex-wife
GFGF/XGFXGF Girlfriend/Ex-girlfriend
BFBF/XBFXBF Boyfriend/Ex-boyfriend
SMSM Stepmother/Parent’s female partner
SFSF Stepfather/Parent’s male partner
BBBB Brother
HBHB Half-brother
SBSB Stepbrother
SISI Sister
HSIHSI Half-sister
SSISSI Stepsister
DDDD Daughter
SDSD Stepdaughter
S.SSS Stepson
F.MMM Foster mother
F.FFF Foster father
F.BBB Foster brother
F.SISI Foster sister
GMGM Grandmother
GDGD Grandad
RRRR Related, other
VVVV Non-related, other
WWWW Workplace
EEEE Educational institution
PPPP Address
SUBURB Suburb name
TTTT Telephone
Stage Two ARWARW Authorised report writer
PSYCH Psychologist/psychiatrist
COUNS Counsellor
VSNSW Victim Services NSW Director/Addressee
LAW Lawyer/solicitor/legal officer
POLICE Police officer
MEDICAL Medical (not psychological) professional
REHAB Rehabilitation provider (including WorkCover/ComCare)