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The Cambridge handbook of Australian criminology

Adam Graycar and Peter Grabosky (eds)
ISBN 0 521 81845 1
Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, January 2002


This book, which is based on work by the staff of the Australian Institute of Criminology and some of their colleagues, provides an overview of crime and criminal justice in Australia, and is designed to be a reference resource as well as a basic text in criminology and criminal justice courses. Individual chapters cover the following topics: trends in Australian crime and criminal justice; Australian Bureau of Statistics crime and justice data; the policing complex; courts, criminal law and procedure; corrections; illicit drugs and crime; white collar crime; homicide; gender, race, class and crime in Australia; juvenile justice in Australia; crime and older people; crime and Indigenous people; victims of crime; restorative justice and conferencing; and crime prevention in Australia.

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