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International victimology: selected papers from the 8th international symposium

Australian Institute of Criminology

Proceedings of a symposium held 21-26 August 1994, Adelaide



This book contains an edited selection of papers presented at the 8th International Symposium on Victimology. The nexus between theoretical and practical victimology and its relationship to criminology is an important theme within the papers. Matters affecting victims, such as victim impact statements and compensation, victimisation in families, gender bias in the legal system, victims of war in Bosnia, and victims of human rights in South Africa are all debated, as are issues related to power, politics and victimisation; victim surveys and methodology; and victim services.



Section 1: Power, politics and victimisation

Section 2: Victim surveys and methodology

Section 3: Victims, offenders and the criminal justice system

  • Section overview (PDF 21kB)
    Chris Sumner, formerly President of the World Society of Victimology; and Member of the National Native Title Tribunal, Australia
Victim Impact Statements

Section 4: Serving victims

  • Section overview (PDF 16kB)
    Michael O'Connell, South Australia Police; and Rick Sarre, University of South Australia
Victims' services
Criminal Injuries Compensation
Professional Service Providers
Prevention and Restoration


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