Event proceedings and reports

These reports were published between 1973-89 and are not part of a series.

The following documents are available only in PDF format.

  • Aboriginal criminological research (pdf 1.4MB)
    Report of a Workshop Held 3-4 March 1981
    The Australian Institute of Criminology has been in full operation since 1975. In that time it has directed attention on several occasions to the plight of Aborigines who constitute about one per cent of the population but about thirty per cent of the prison population in Australia.
    William Clifford
  • Armed robbery in Australia, Research, Information and Preventive Considerations (pdf 1.4MB)
    Edited Proceedings of a Seminar held in Canberra in June 1977
    A perusal of the newspapers on any day in Sydney or Melbourne would clearly suggest that, with the possible exception of drug trafficking, armed robbery is the crime causing major public concern in Australia today. This offense lends itself to sensational newspaper reporting and therefore the real concerns of law abiding citizens may not necessarily be accurately reflected by the mass media. Nevertheless by any objective standard, the incidence of armed robbery in Australia has shown spectacular increase in the past four or five years.
    ISBN 0 642 91679 9
    Edited by David Biles
  • The conflict of security and rehabilitation in the 1970s (pdf 1.4MB)
    Report on the seminar Canberra 14-17 August, 1974
    In planning the workshop project, the Training and Information Division of the Australian Institute of Criminology decided that the people who should have most to contribute to an understanding of this area of the criminal justice system are experienced prison officers, whose job lies precisely at the point at which security and rehabilitation come into conflict. With the offer of the widest possible dissemination of their findings, representative members of this group were invited to participate in a discussion of this conflict. The offer was enthusiastically taken up by them, some taking recreation leave in order to attend. Industrial action within the transport industry almost caused the project to be postponed but a last-minute easing of the situation meant the project could be held but reduced in length from five to three days. This curtailment was most unfortunate, as it meant that the final wording of the deliberations of the group had to be completed by Institute staff after the participants' departures. Nevertheless, these deliberations represent the first nationally based statement on this important issue from the prison officer's point of view. They clearly deserve the most careful consideration by those involved in developing and administering correctional policy in Australia.
    P Prisgrove
  • Crime in Australia - Data booklet: Crime, justice & violent death (pdf 1.4MB)
    The First National Outlook Symposium held in Canberra in, 5-6 June 1995
    The tables and graphs in this booklet have been prepared as background material for those attending the Australian Institute of Criminology's First National Outlook Symposium on Crime in Australia.
    The data presented in this volume have been compiled from various Australian and overseas sources. Each data source defines its contents and collection methods. The source has been listed under each table and figure, and the full reference is given at the end of the volume. We believe that the value of the data presented lie more in analysing trends rather than making comparisoas among different jurisdictions in Australia as data sources vary considerably in what they portray.
    ISBN 0 642 22798 5
    Compiled by Satyanshu Mukheijee and Dianne Dagger
  • Crime in Papua New Guinea (pdf 1.4MB)
    Comprises the edited papers presented at a seminar held at the University of Papua New Guinea, Port Moresby, July 7 11, 1975
    The book mainly comprises papers presented at a seminar conducted in July 1975 by the Australian Institute of Criminology in conjunction with the Department of Law. This seminar was notable for several reasons: it was the first criminological exercise held in Papua New Guinea; the speakers included a number of local officials as well as experts on crime prevention of world renown; and the many proposals made at the conclusion were eminently reasonable and practical.
    ISBN 0 642 92772 3
    Edited by David Biles
  • Criminal justice research methodology (pdf 1.4MB)
    Report on the workshop Canberra 23-25 August 1976.
    The workshop program was flexibly designed to permit attention to problems and issues raised by attendees. The general pattern that evolved was that one or more 'major' topics were dealt with each day.
    The remainder of the time was spent dealing with attendee-specific matters or in free style discussion.
    Such a format made coherent and comprehensive reporting impossible. This report is thus confined to providing a selective account of Professor Wilkins' comments relating to major topics only.
    ISBN 0 642 92728 6
    Report by Bruce Swanton
  • Epidemiology of illegal drug use in Australia 1988 (pdf 1.4MB)
    Proceedings of the First National Drug Indicators Conference Canberra, 10-12 May 1988
    As part of its funding by the National Campaign Against Drug Abuse, the ACT Drug Indicators Project undertook to organise an annual conference on drug use indicators and methodologies for developing and collecting them.
    These Proceedings represent the product of the first of these conferences, which was intended to be a ground-clearing exercise which brought together government data collectors, NCADA-funded researchers and other analysts whose work aimed to increase the range and accuracy of our knowledge about illegal drug use in Australia. The papers presented detail the state of our knowledge at present and efforts which are underway to improve it.
    ISBN 0 642 14663 2
    Edited by Grant Wardlaw
  • First Residential Conference Vol 1 (pdf 1.4MB)
    This volume comprises papers presented and speeches made at the First Residential Conference of the Institute.
  • First Residential Conference Vol 2
    Proceedings Tuesday, 16-19 October 1973
    Theme: "Australian Crime Prevention and Treatment: Research Resources and Needs - an Exercise in Coordination"
    It was originally intended to publish a full transcript of the Proceedings of the First Residential Conference of the Institute. However, in view of the great volume of material recorded (over 4,000 feet of tape) it was considered that the Proceedings would be more usefully presented in this form of Report.
  • Heroin treatment alternatives (pdf 1.4MB)
    Proceedings of a Seminar held on 1 November 1991 Ian Wark Theatre, Becker House, Canberra
    ISBN 0 73151354 1
    Edited by Gabriele Bammer and Grayson Gerrard
  • Plotting and planning (pdf 4.2MB)
    Proceedings of on International Course in Crime Prevention Planning held at the Australian Institute of Criminology from 17 May to 15 June 1979
    From 21 May to 15 June 1979 the Australian Institute of Criminology embarked on a relatively new approach to the prevention of crime. Two years earlier the Australian Development Assistance Bureau had accepted a proposal by the Australian Institute of Criminology that, as part of the Australian technical assistance to developing countries, there should be a course on economic and social planning to prevent crime. The objective of the course was to recognise that crime was not simply a matter for police, courts and prisons but was a wider problem often generated in the process of economic and social planning decisions and also in the way that cities and human settlements generally are planned and administered.
    ISBN 0 6 4 2 90337 9
    William Clifforg
  • Rape law reform (pdf 1.4MB)
    Proceedings of a National Conference held in Hobart, Tasmania from 28-30th May, 1980
    The Conference was planned with a view to concentrating upon the reform of the law of rape; to evaluate changes introduced in some Australian jurisdictions; and to take advantage of the introduction of new laws into the United States', bringing before the conference results of an evaluation study of the operation and effect of the new Michigan sexual assault law. Thus three sessions dealt specifically with the substantive law of rape and laws of evidence, one session concentrating upon the Michigan legislation. Recognising, however, that rape does not take place in a legal vacuum and that law reform is a political as well as a legislative issue, two further substantive issues were canvassed : the problems facing victims of rape in police, hospital and community contact; and the politics of rape and rape law reform.
    ISBN 0 642 89991 6
    Introduction by Jocelynne A Scutt
  • Violence in the family (pdf 1.4MB)
    Papers of a national conference hosted in November 1979
    In 1974 the first national conference on child abuse was held in Perth, Western Australia. Since that time there has been a growing recognition of the need to come to terms with a wider problem : that of violence at all levels of family life. This recognition came to fruition in a national conference hosted in November 1979 by the Australian Institute of Criminology, assisted by the Office of Child Care in the federal Department of Social Security; this conference dealt with the entire spectrum of domestic violence.
    ISBN 0 642 90101 5
    Edited by Jocelynne A Scutt
  • Western Australian Government symposium on criminal justice policy (pdf 1.4MB)
    Report on a symposium Perth, 18 November 1978
    On 18 November, the Western Australian Government convened a public symposium on the subject of "Criminal Justice Policy - What Should It Be".
    ISBN 0 642 91203 3
    William Clifford