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Latest additions to the bibliographic database


The following new titles have been added to the growing collection of arson-related literature that can be found in the searchable bibliographic database. In addition to these titles, the database provides access to major bushfire arson news articles.

  • Brogan R & Petherick W 2006. Serial arson, in Petherick W (ed), Serial crime: theoretical and practical issues in behavioural profiling. London: Academic Press: 225-245
  • Fritzon K 2001. An examination of the relationship between distance travelled and motivational aspects of firesetting behaviour. Journal of environmental psychology 21(1): 45-60
  • Kasamatsu M, Suzuki Y, Sugita R & Suzuki S 2005. Forensic discrimination of match heads by elemental analysis with inductively coupled plasma-atomic emission spectrometry. Journal of forensic sciences 50(4): 1-4
  • Kennedy P, Vale E, Khan S & McAnaney A 2006. Factors predicting recidivism in child and adolescent fire-setters: a systematic review of the literature. The journal of forensic psychiatry & psychology 17(1): 151-164
  • Kolko D 2001. Efficacy of cognitive-behavioural treatment and fire safety education for children who set fires: initial and follow-up outcomes Journal of child psychology and psychiatry 42(3): 359-369
  • Martin G, Bergen H, Richardson A, Roeger L & Allison S 2004. Correlates of firesetting in a community sample of young adolescents. Australian and New Zealand journal of psychiatry 38(3): 148-154
  • Marton R & Phillips S 2005. Modernising policy for public value: learning lessons from the management of bushfires. Australian journal of public administration 64(1): 75-82
  • Pollinger J, Samuels L & Stadolnik R 2005. A comparative study of the behavioural, personality, and fire history characteristics of residential and outpatient adolescents (ages 12-17) with firesetting behaviours. Adolescence 48(158): 345-353
  • Prestemon J & Butry D 2005. Time to burn: modeling wildland arson as an autoregressive crime function. American journal of agricultural economics 87(3): 756-770
  • Repo E & Virkkunen M 1997. Young arsonists: history of conduct disorder, psychiatric diagnoses and criminal recidivism. The journal of forensic psychiatry 8(2): 311-320
  • Steck-Flynn K 2005. Finding clues in a fire. Law enforcement technology 60: 62-67
  • Stickle T & Blechman E 2002. Aggression and fire: antisocial behavior in firesetting and nonfiresetting juvenile offenders. Journal of psychpathology and behavioral assessment 24(3): 177-193

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