AIC Latest Publications en Benchmarking the use of audiovisual link technologies in Australian criminal courts before the pandemic <p>This report is the second published by the AIC arising from its national video courts research program (the AVL Project) and documents the development and implementation of AVL (audiovisual link) technologies in the criminal courts in Australia, before the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in late 2019. An accompanying Smith, Russell|Savage, Rebecca|Emami, Catherine 2460 Audiovisual link technologies in Australian criminal courts: Practical and legal considerations <p>Audiovisual link (AVL) technologies have had considerable impact on criminal court processes in Australia and overseas, particularly following the need for social distancing created by the coronavirus pandemic in 2020. AVL technologies have enabled courts to take oral evidence from witnesses and litigants in differe Smith, Russell|Savage, Rebecca|Emami, Catherine 2459 Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on cannabis demand and supply in Australia <p>This study uses data from the Drug Use Monitoring in Australia program to examine the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on cannabis demand and supply in Australia. It found past-month cannabis users reported using cannabis on a median of 25 days per month, significantly more often than before the pandemic. Those exper Doherty, Laura|Sullivan, Tom|Voce, Alexandra 2457 Declines in methamphetamine supply and demand in Australia during the COVID-19 pandemic <p>This study uses data from the Drug Use Monitoring in Australia program to examine the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the methamphetamine market in Australia. Since the pandemic began, the availability and quality of methamphetamine have decreased, prices have increased (from $17.50–$50 per point to $50–$250 per Voce, Alexandra|Sullivan, Tom|Doherty, Laura 2456 Text mining police narratives to identify types of abuse and victim injuries in family and domestic violence events <p>Police attend numerous family and domestic violence (FDV) related events each year and record details of these events as both structured data and unstructured free-text narratives. These descriptive narratives include information about the types of abuse (eg physical, emotional, financial) and the injuries sustained Adily, Armita|Karystianis, George|Butler, Tony 2454 Text mining police narratives for mentions of mental disorders in family and domestic violence events <p>In this paper, we describe the feasibility of using a text-mining method to generate new insights relating to family and domestic violence (FDV) from free-text police event narratives. Despite the rich descriptive content of the event narratives regarding the context and individuals involved in FDV events, the polic Adily, Armita|Karystianis, George|Butler, Tony 2453 Estimating the cost of pure cybercrime to Australian individuals <p>This report estimates the cost of pure cybercrime to individuals in Australia in 2019. A survey was administered to a sample of 11,840 adults drawn from two online panels—one using probability sampling and the other non-probability sampling—with the resulting data weighted to better reflect the distribution of the w Teunissen, Coen|Voce, Isabella|Smith, Russell 2452 Reoffending among child sexual offenders <p>This study examines reoffending among 1,092 male offenders proceeded against for a child sexual offence in New South Wales between 2004 and 2013, including 863 child sexual assault offenders, 196 child abuse material offenders and 33 procurement/ grooming offenders.</p> <p>Seven percent of child sexual offenders sex Dowling, Christopher|Morgan, Anthony|Pooley, Kamarah 2451 Western Australian government symposium on criminal justice policy <p>This public symposium addresses the subject of 'criminal justice policy - what should it be'. It highlights seven themes, these include the objective of criminal justice policy is to reduce costs and evaluate total expenditure; heavy penalties alone are not a response to crime; statistics need to be available immedi Clifford, William 2450 Violence in the family: a collection of conference papers <p>This collection of papers represents the basis of the discussions at the conference. Participants address the extent of violence uncovered by research, the myths of domestic violence and attitudes of the community towards the issues. They also investigate programmes designed to deal with domestic violence, both as t Scutt, Jocelynne 2449