AIC Latest Publications en Deaths in custody in Australia 2018-19 <p>The National Deaths in Custody Program (NDICP) has monitored the extent and nature of deaths occurring in prison, police custody and youth detention in Australia since 1980. The Australian Institute of Criminology has coordinated the NDICP since its establishment in 1992, the result of a recommendation made by the R Doherty, Laura|Bricknell, Samantha 2336 Corporate crime in Australia: The extent of the problem <p>Government and public concern about corporate wrongdoing in Australia is arguably at an all-time high. However, the extent and nature of corporate crime is largely unknown; it is concealed by regulatory agency reporting practices and the absence of a single data source which combines data across all regulators. This Bartlett, David|Ransley, Janet|Forrester, Lucy|Middendorp, Kristine 2334 Paedophilia, child sexual abuse and practical approaches to prevention <p>This report provides an overview of the problem on paedophilia in Australia, as well as society's myths and taboos surrounding child sexual abuse and paedophilia. It also outlines prevention approaches in dealing with paedophilia and child sexual abuse.</p> Herlihy, Jo 2331 Mobile dating applications and sexual and violent offending <p>In the last few years, a number of high-profile cases of sexual and violent offending have been committed after the offender and victim met through a mobile dating application (dating app). Subsequent media and popular rhetoric have positioned dating app sexual and violent offending as a major safety concern.</p> Pooley, Kamarah|Boxall, Hayley 2330 Misconceptions of sexual crimes against adult victims: Barriers to justice <p>Despite the prevalence of sexual offending in our communities, there is a lack of understanding about the nature and dynamics of sexual crimes. Myths and misconceptions about sexual offending are common and may contribute to the high attrition rates of sexual offence cases throughout the criminal justice system. Thi Tidmarsh, Patrick|Hamilton, Gemma 2326 Bail practices and policy alternatives in Australia <p>In this paper we seek to review the rapid rise in remand in custody rates in Australia. In particular, and in response, we ask and discuss three specific questions:</p> <p>1. To what extent do defendants applying for bail have vulnerabilities?</p> <p>2. To what extent can risk analysis tools that seek to predict bre Travers, Max|Colvin, Emma|Bartkowiak-Théron, Isabelle|Sarre, Rick|Day, Andrew|Bond, Christine 2324 Social isolation, time spent at home, financial stress and domestic violence during the COVID-19 pandemic <p>In this study we use data from a large online survey of Australian women to examine whether the increased time spent at home, social isolation and financial stress resulting from COVID-19 containment measures were associated with a higher likelihood of physical and sexual violence among women in current cohabiting r Morgan, Anthony|Boxall, Hayley 2323 Annual Report 2019-2020 <p>The annual report of the Australian Institute of Criminology (AIC) is produced to meet parliamentary reporting requirements and to provide information to stakeholders and the community about the Institute’s work. The information contained in this report is provided to inform the Australian Government, members of par 2322 How and why vendors sell on cryptomarkets <p>Cryptomarkets represent a growing component of the global illicit drugs trade. Australia is over-represented in the proportion of online vendors who use these platforms to reach drug consumers. Despite the growth in online drug trading, relatively little is known about people who use cryptomarkets to sell drugs. Thi Munksgaard, Rasmus|Martin, James 2319 Enhancing evidence-based treatment of child sexual abuse material offenders: The development of the CEM-COPE Program <p>Recent research suggests that child sexual abuse material (CSAM) offenders have distinct characteristics and intervention needs when compared to contact sexual offenders. As such, many sexual offender treatment programs may not be suitable for CSAM offenders without a history of contact offences. This paper describe Henshaw, Marie|Arnold, Chelsea|Darjee, Rajan|Ogloff, James|Clough, Jonathan 2318