AIC Latest Publications en Criminal mobility of outlaw motorcycle gangs in Australia <p>The criminal mobility of outlaw motorcycle gang (OMCG) members presents a significant challenge to Australian governments and police. Examining patterns of mobility can help to better understand the opportunity structures that underpin offending by OMCGs and to drive national collaborative responses to these gangs. Dowling, Christopher|Morgan, Anthony 2350 Experiences of domestic violence among women with restrictive long-term health conditions: Report for the Royal Commission into Violence, Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation of People with Disability <p>This report was prepared for the Royal Commission into Violence, Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation of People with Disability. It describes the domestic violence experiences of women with restrictive long-term health conditions during the initial stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, using survey data collected in May 2020 Boxall, Hayley|Morgan, Anthony|Brown, Rick 2347 Who is most at risk of physical and sexual partner violence and coercive control during the COVID-19 pandemic? <p>In this study, we analysed data from a survey of Australian women (n=9,284) to identify women at the highest risk of physical and sexual violence and coercive control during the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic.</p> <p>Logistic regression modelling identified that specific groups of women were more likely than Boxall, Hayley|Morgan, Anthony 2345 Crime commission processes in child sexual abuse material production and distribution: A systematic review <p>This review synthesises empirical studies from the past decade investigating child sexual abuse material (CSAM) production and distribution to gain insight into crime commission processes involved in these crimes. The findings highlight overlaps in risk factors for child sexual abuse and CSAM production and distribu Cale, Jesse|Holt, Thomas|Leclerc, Benoit|Singh, Sara|Drew, Jacqueline 2344 Production and distribution of child sexual abuse material by parental figures <p>Child sexual abuse material (CSAM) is widely available online. Existing research indicates that the parents and parental figures of victims are notably represented in offender populations. However, there is limited research in this area. Drawing on Australian media and legal databases, this study created a database Salter, Michael|Wong, WK Tim|Breckenridge, Jan|Scott, Sue|Cooper, Sharon|Peleg, Noam 2341 The changing culture of outlaw motorcycle gangs in Australia <p>This study explores changes to the internal culture of a sample of Australian outlaw motorcycle gangs (OMCGs). We analysed data from 39 in-depth interviews with former OMCG members in Queensland to discern changes in recruitment practices, hierarchies and governance processes, as well as values, norms and relationsh Dowling, Christopher|Boland, Dominic|Morgan, Anthony|Webster, Julianne|Chiu, Yi-Ning|Lowe, Roger 2339 Effects of outlaw motorcycle gang membership and the support needs of former members <p>Drawing on interviews with 39 former members of outlaw motorcycle gangs (OMCGs), we identify consequences associated with leaving the club and the effects of membership experienced before and after leaving. This evidence is important in helping to inform efforts to promote and facilitate disengagement from clubs. Boland, Dominic|Morgan, Anthony|Cubitt, Timothy|Voce, Isabella|Chiu, Yi-Ning|Webster, Julianne|Dowling, Christopher|Lowe, Roger 2338 Deaths in custody in Australia 2018-19 <p>The National Deaths in Custody Program (NDICP) has monitored the extent and nature of deaths occurring in prison, police custody and youth detention in Australia since 1980. The Australian Institute of Criminology has coordinated the NDICP since its establishment in 1992, the result of a recommendation made by the R Doherty, Laura|Bricknell, Samantha 2336 Corporate crime in Australia: The extent of the problem <p>Government and public concern about corporate wrongdoing in Australia is arguably at an all-time high. However, the extent and nature of corporate crime is largely unknown; it is concealed by regulatory agency reporting practices and the absence of a single data source which combines data across all regulators. This Bartlett, David|Ransley, Janet|Forrester, Lucy|Middendorp, Kristine 2334 Paedophilia, child sexual abuse and practical approaches to prevention <p>This report provides an overview of the problem on paedophilia in Australia, as well as society's myths and taboos surrounding child sexual abuse and paedophilia. It also outlines prevention approaches in dealing with paedophilia and child sexual abuse.</p> Herlihy, Jo 2331