AIC Latest Publications en Correctional officer training <p>The most valuable, important resource in any organisation is the people who work in it. Training staff is a vital role for any organisation, though consistently the most severely deprived area in an organisation has been training. The papers discuss the correctional officer as worker; relationships in the prison set Mugford, Jane 2385 Crime at school <p>Schools have long been the sites of behaviour which can be described, literally, as crime. Thefts, assaults, sex offences, vandalism, offensive behaviour and indecent language continue to occur within schools. Teachers and students are both victims and offenders, and various school practices have been developed to m Challinger, Dennis 2383 Intellectually disabled offenders <p>The subject of intellectually disabled offenders and the criminal justice system is one of increasing interest and concern. The papers embrace what needs to be done in relation to offenders who are intellectually disabled, as well as the needs of victims with similar disabilities.</p> <p>The papers in this seminar e Challinger, Dennis 2382 Court support and advisory services <p>The papers within this seminar aim to draw attention to the human needs of people who go to court. It also identifies steps that need to be taken to reduce the stress experienced by people who go to court, especially victims, compulsive offenders, and Aboriginals.</p> Mugford, Jane 2381 Government illegality <p>These papers focus primarily on illegal conduct by government agencies and officers in furtherance of government policy. On a continuum of culpability, this may range from extreme malevolence to less heinous transgressions arising from excessive zeal, gross negligence, poor judgment, or honest error.</p> Grabosky, Peter|Le Lievre, Irena 2380 Seminar for librarians in the criminal justice system <p>This is the fifth seminar for librarians  in the criminal justice system. The papers within cover a variety of topics on how to access criminal justice information. It covers computer technology, the Australian Bibliographic Network (ABN), and criminal justice databases. It also discusses how to access criminal just Iltis, Judith 2379 Alternative dispute resolution <p>These papers outline types of alternative dispute resolution methods being used in Australia and the programs which use them. It looks at whether alternative dispute resolution is effective as a system of justice. It also discusses the management of programs and the role of the third party in resolving disputes.</p> Mugford, Jane 2378 National conference on child abuse <p>The papers outline the thinking of the traditional disciplines in child protection matters. It reviews services across Australia for child abuse and examines the types of resources needed nationally.</p> Snashall, Ron 2377 Sentencing in Australia: issues, policy and reform <p>This collection of essays, articles and papers was compiled following a seminar entitled <em>Sentencing: problems and prospects</em>. The seminar identifies key problem areas in Australian sentencing policy and administration, encapsulating both practical and theoretical considerations. It also identifies future dir Potas, Ivan 2376 The criminal career trajectories of domestic violence offenders <p>This study examines the officially recorded criminal careers of 2,076 domestic violence offenders and 9,925 non-domestic violence offenders in New South Wales in the 10 years following their first police proceeding.</p> <p>Group-based trajectory modelling was used to examine both domestic violence and non-domestic v Dowling, Christopher|Boxall, Hayley|Morgan, Anthony 2375