AIC Latest Publications en Probation - current position and new directions <p>Participants at the seminar arrived at a consensual statement of a definition and functions of probation and the current objectives with which probation officers are concerned. Additionally, two resolutions were carried unanimously.</p> Bevan, Colin|Watt, Alexander 2412 National symposium on victimology <p>This symposium addresses the needs of crime victims. Papers cover experiences of victims in the criminal process, research on crime victims by criminologists, responsibility of the media, psychiatric insights on crime victimisation and victim rehabilitation, services to victims, issues of sexual assault and domestic Grabosky, Peter 2411 Child sexual abuse material on the darknet: A script analysis of how offenders operate <p>The development of online technologies in recent decades has facilitated the distribution and consumption of child sexual abuse material (CSAM) over the internet, which also led to the emergence of CSAM on the darknet—the segment of the internet hidden from the general public.</p> <p>Using data obtained from intervi Leclerc, Benoit|Drew, Jacqueline|Holt, Thomas|Cale, Jesse|Singh, Sara 2410 How does domestic violence escalate over time? <p>A key assumption in the domestic violence literature is that abuse escalates in severity and frequency over time. However, very little is known about how violence and abuse unfolds within intimate relationships and there is no consensus on how escalation should be defined or how prevalent it is.</p> <p>A narrative r Boxall, Hayley|Lawler, Siobhan 2408 Fraud and its relationship to pandemics and economic crises: From Spanish flu to COVID-19 <p>This report seeks to draw out the common characteristics of frauds associated with pandemics, and to identify any risks unique to pandemics and financial crises, beginning with the Spanish flu pandemic of 1918, as the closest to COVID-19 in the modern era. It summarises the general influence of the internet or remot Levi, Michael|Smith, Russell 2407 Crime in Papua New Guinea <p>This volume suggests that a serious crime problem is already developing in Papua New Guinea, but papers within outline positive and practical suggestions for the reduction of crime and delinquency.</p> Biles, David 2406 Crime and delinquency in urban areas <p>This seminar presents papers on crime prevention and delinquency in urban areas. It includes papers, panel discussions and workshops. Papers discuss defensible space in Australian urban areas, crime and the urban community, probation and parole in the community, and community relations and law enforcement. Panel dis 2405 Youth and social control <p>This seminar investigates factors that contribute to the prevention and control of juvenile crime and delinquency. It outlines suggestions and recommendations for the development of more effective policies and programmes for the prevention and control of juvenile crime and the treatment of young offenders.</p> Chapman, Philippa 2404 Crime prevention: planning and participation in Geelong <p>These papers discuss planning for the next few years of growth in the Barwon Region to assist with crime reduction.</p> Richards, Denbigh 2403 Modern trends in the treatment of sex offenders <p>The papers explore mass media and the image of sex offenders, sex offender characteristics and behaviour, and the treatment of sex offenders in Denmark.</p> Bevan, Colin 2402