ACVPA Nomination Form 2022

Nomination form

Please refer to the information on our website which includes advice for completing a quality nomination and other helpful documents to assist you with the process.

In order to be considered for an award, please ensure that:

  • every question is answered
  • your completed nomination is submitted by the due date.


Please note: Projects must have been fully operational at 1 February 2021. Projects that commenced after 1 February 2021 are not eligible for 2022 but may apply in 2023.


Contact person/s for the project

Names of all project partners or organisations involved in the project
more items
Is this project led by a police organisation?
Has this project previously applied for an award in the ACVPA program?
Are there any additional components which have been in place for at least 12 months?
Is this a nomination for a project you are working on?
Include details on the following: 
  • How does the project work?
  • What are its long-term goals? 
  • What have the tangible outcomes been, including any unanticipated outcomes? 
  • What group or groups does this project target? 
    • Specific geographic areas or population?
    • Victims or potential victims of violence or other types of crime? 
    • Perpetrators or potential perpertrators of violence or other types of crime?
    • Other significant people?
  • What types of crime and behaviour does the project target?
Has the project been evaluated independently?
Document attachment is available at the end of the form.
For example: 

  • Is it the only project of its kind? 
  • Does it help people who are at particular risk?
  • Is it unique to your local area? 
  • How could it be adapted elsewhere?
  • Has it raised community awareness of violence and other crime issues? 


Please supply the names, addresses, contact numbers and email addresses of 2 referees. These should be people who are familiar with the project and who would be in a position to provide feedback on its merits. The selection board will contact referees as required.

Referee 1


Referee 2

How did you find out about the Australian Crime and Violence Prevention Awards?
Would you like to be on an emailing list so you can be notified about future Awards?

Media contact details

If the nominated project is selected for an award, our communication team will contact this person regarding media and other promotional opportunities.

All supporting information must be submitted along with the nomination. The nomination will be evaluated based on the information provided.

The Australian Crime and Violence Prevention Awards program reserves the right to use details of award winners’ project details, summaries, photos and videos to publicise and market the ACVPA. Winners who wish to publicise their awards should fully acknowledge the Australian Crime and Violence Prevention Awards  program in any publicity material, ensuring they adhere to any embargo.


If you wish to provide any supporting documentation, it should be submitted online wherever possible. Attachments should be kept to a reasonable size and quality.

Supporting documentation could include but is not limited to:

  • newspaper articles
  • posters, CDs, DVDs
  • evaluations
  • letters of support.

If your supporting documents exceed file size limitations and/or cannot be attached online, please post them to:

ACVPA Secretariat
GPO Box 1936
Canberra City ACT 2601

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