The DUMA program has been operating since 1999 and collects drug use and criminal justice information quarterly from police detainees at multiple sites across Australia. 

The NHMP has collected and analysed information on all homicides in Australia since 1990. Establishment of the program was recommended by the National Committee on Violence and has been made possible by the cooperation and continued support of all Australian police services.

The NDICP examines the circumstances of deaths in prison, police custody and juvenile detention around Australia since 1979, and reports on the number of deaths in custody in Australia, and the patterns and trends observed in those deaths. The program was put in place as part of the Australian Government's commitment to implementing the recommendations of the Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody.

Identity crime is one of the most prevalent crime types in Australia with reports of incidence and harm far exceeding other forms of property crime and personal violent crime. As part of the measurement framework, the Attorney-General’s Department engaged the AIC to conduct its annual monitoring of identity crime and misuse.