Annual Report 2015–2016

Guide to the report

The annual report of the Australian Institute of Criminology (AIC, or the Institute) is produced to meet parliamentary reporting requirements and to provide information to stakeholders and the community about the Institute’s work.

The information contained in this report is provided to inform the Commonwealth Government, Members of Parliament, state and territory departments and agencies, grants recipients, award winners, consultants, criminology students, potential employees and the public.

Director’s review

In this section, the Director (Chief Executive) reviews the year’s significant issues and achievements.

Section 1 Agency overview

This section describes the role, functions and values of the Institute and its organisational structure. It also includes the AIC’s outcome and project objective statement.

Section 2 Performance statement

This section details the Institute’s performance against its outcome. It begins with a performance statement summarising the AIC’s performance in relation to the KPIs set out in its corporate plan. It then documents the Institute's performance in relation to its key activities, including research, grants management, communication and information services.

Section 3 Governance and accountability

In this section the Institute’s governance and accountability arrangements are reviewed, including the operations of the Criminology Research Advisory Council, which provides advice to the Director on a range of matters. Internal governance, staffing, finance, information and communications technology and office services are outlined.

Section 4 Financial performance

This section presents the Institute’s financial statements.

Section 5 Appendices

The appendices list AIC publications, roundtables and other forums.

Contact details

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