Corrections in Asia and the Pacific: record of the ninth Asian and Pacific Conference of Correctional Administrators, Australia: September 1988


Senior administrators in charge of prisons and other correctional institutions in the Asia Pacific region come together to discuss various matters relating to prison administration. This is the record of the ninth conference and includes summaries of the agenda items included in the conference. Discussions were held on: trends and patterns in penal populations; interagency cooperation within the criminal justice system; safeguarding human rights within the penal system; and the power and influence of the media upon corrections systems.


  • Introduction
  • Welcome to Australia
  • Agenda item 1: Trends and patterns in penal populations: size, composition, types and characteristics
  • Agenda item 2: Inter-agency co-operation within the criminal justice system, namely between corrections and other agencies
  • Agenda item 3: Safeguarding human rights within the penal system
  • Agenda item 4: The media, its power and influence upon corrections systems
  • Conference activities
  • General business
  • Closing address
  • List of delegates
  • List of observers
  • Conference officials