Police institutions & issues: American and Australian perspectives


Essentially, Police Institutions and Issues presents a critical examination of seven selected topics currently existing in American and Australian police communities. The main purpose of the book is to inform and stimulate police administrators, intending police administrators and students of police administration and comparative police studies. Also, it is intended to be of interest to professionally oriented police personnel generally.The institutions examined are all American. They are: (1) The Police Foundation; (2) The International Association of Chiefs of Police; (3) Police Boards/Commissions, and (4) The School of Police Administration, Louisville. In each case, implications for the Australian police community are briefly considered.The issues considered include: (1) police labour relations; (2) police health maintenance, and (3) police occupation. Discussion of the first issue is heavily American-oriented, but the remaining two issues are dealt with in a more balanced manner, drawing upon both United States and Australian sources.Due to its broad-ranging and critical approach to matters not widely discussed in the police literature, this book represents a useful secondary resource for police supervisor and junior executive courses, as well as administration courses.