Stains on a white collar: fourteen studies in corporate crime or corporate harm


Through case studies, this work highlights the spread of corporate crime in Australia and the harm caused by that crime. Each chapter discusses the circumstances behind a type of corporate crime; focuses on government responses; details the outcome of the legal process; and summarises long term consequences of the case.


  1. The bottom of the harbour tax evasion schemes
  2. The demise of trustees executors and agency co. Ltd
  3. The collapse of Bishopsgate insurance
  4. The Russell Island land fraud
  5. The meat substitution scandal of 1981
  6. Medical fraud and abuse in medical benefit programmes
  7. The Dalkon Shield
  8. The media, tobacco and public health
  9. Sex discrimination: Wardley v Ansett
  10. Lead pollution and the children of Port Pirie
  11. crime without punishment: the Appin mine disaster
  12. Death at Kellogg’s
  13. Coke and cancer at BHP
  14. Asbestos mining at Baryulgil: a case of corporate neglect?