Latest additions to the bibliographic database

The following new titles have been added to the growing collection of arson-related literature that can be found in the searchable bibliographic database. In addition to these titles, the database provides access to major bushfire arson news articles. Of the 10 titles listed, the last three are Australian.

  • Edwards M & Grace RC 2006. Analysing the offence locations and residential base of serial arsonists in New Zealand. Australian psychologist 41(3): 219-226
  • Wachi T et al. 2007. Offender and crime characteristics of female serial arsonists in Japan. Journal of investigative psychology and offender profiling 4(1): 29-52
  • Arson Control Forum (UK) 2004. Implementing arson reduction projects: findings from the Arson Control Forum's New Projects Initiative
  • Dickens G et al. 2007. Gender differences amongst adult arsonists at psychiatric assessment. Medicine, science and the law 47(3): 233-238
  • Kolko DJ, Herschell AD & Scharf DM 2006. Education and treatment for boys who set fires: specificity moderators, and predictors of recidivism. Journal of emotional and behavioral disorders 14(4): 227-239
  • Pope CM 2006. A model strategy and policy for screening firefighter candidates. Monterey, CA: Naval Postgraduate School
  • Sharp DL et al. 2006. Evidence-based multidisciplinary strategies for working with children who set fires. Journal of the American Psychiatric Nurses Association 11(6): 329-337
  • Stanley J 2002. Preventing children and young people lighting bushfires in Australia. Child abuse prevention newsletter 10(2): 6-11

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