Community satisfaction with police

Community satisfaction with police has been consistently high over the past decade. Based on data from the National Survey of Community Satisfaction with Policing, the figure below reports overall trends in satisfaction. There have been changes in the methodology of the survey which could affect responses and in 2000-01 the survey was not released. Prior to 2001 the survey interviewed those aged 18 years and older; since 2001 the sample has included those aged 15 years and over. Although there have been some minor changes since 2001 the percent of the community who report being satisfied has sat around the low 70s. The most recent survey in 05-06 found three-quarters (75%) of the community expressing satisfaction with police. Over this more recent period the percent who don't express a view has been relatively consistent at around 20 percent. The overall level of dissatisfaction is very low at 7 percent in 05-06.

Community satisfaction with police, 1996–2006 (percent) [see attached PDF for graph]


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