Armed robbery in Australia : organisational victims by location

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Armed robbery in Australia generally targets either an individual or an
organisation. Some organisations are more likely to be targeted than others for
reasons including differences in the amount of money held at the location,
varying levels of security measures and the number of possible witnesses. In
2005, among selected organisational types approximately two in five (40%), armed
robberies targeted a retail setting, although this type of location encompasses
a wide range of commercial businesses. Conversely, banking and other financial
locations accounted for only three percent of armed robberies among these
organisational locations. Service stations (22%), corner stores (14%) and
licensed premises (11%) were the other organisation types that were likely to be
targeted. These latter organisations may be the victim of specific targeting due
to their lack of security measures compared with locations such as banks and
financial institutions, and the fact that they still offer a particularly high
monetary gain. These trends were similar to those results observed in the
previous year of data collection in the National Armed Robbery Monitoring
Program (NARMP).

Figure 1: Organisational victims of armed robbery by
specific organisational location type, 2005 (percentage)

Note: Excludes individual and organisational victim records with missing location and/or organisational flag

Source: AIC NARMP 2005 [computer file]; n=1,936