Sexual assault against children

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An increase in recorded sexual assault of young people was a major contributor to an overall rise in recorded sexual assault since the mid-1990s. As data are based on the date of reporting, which may be some time, even years, after the date of occurrence, it is not clear whether this increase relates to current or past events. In the period between 1996 and 2003, the incidence of recorded sexual assault for children aged 0-14 years accounted for around 40 percent of all recorded sexual assaults (Bricknell 2008). In the mid 1990s, the increase in rates was similar for groups aged less than and more than 15 years (23% and 24% respectively). However, between 1999 and 2003 the increase among the 0-14 year age group was more than double that of people aged 15 years and more (37% compared with 17%). Rates of sexual assault increased for both males and females aged 0-14 years, but the increase was greater for females (27% compared with 19% for males).

Recorded victims of sexual assault (ratea)

a: Rate per 100,000 relevant population

Source: Bricknell 2008