Child victims of homicide


From when the National Homicide Monitoring Program began, in 1989-90, to the last reporting period, of 2006-07, there have been 752 homicide victims aged 17 or younger. The proportion of child victims has increased from 12 percent of all homicides in 1989-90 to just under 15 percent in 2006-07. This is principally an increase, as a proportion of all homicide victims, in under-10-year-olds. This has come about because, of children aged less than 10, the proportion killed each year has remained steady as the proportion of the general population falling victim to homicide has fallen. Of victims aged less than ten, 91 percent were killed by a parent or step-parent.

Homicide victims under 10 and 10 to 17 years of age, from 1989-90 to 2006-07 (number)

Source: AIC NHMP 1989-90 to 2006-07 [computer file]