Preventing crime on transport: rail, buses, taxis, planes


Specific forms of crime occurring on trains, trams and underground transport systems, buses and bus shelters, taxis, in airports and on aircraft are explored. Successful techniques employed as crime prevention measures in Australia and overseas are described. Situational crime prevention strategies, modelled on three strands of contemporary criminology (rational choice perspective, opportunity theory, and environmental criminology), are emphasised.


The authors are grateful to the following organisations and people for their contributions to this book: CityRail, New South Wales State Transit, Victorian Public Transport Commission, ACTION buses, the Queensland Taxi Guild and the Aviation Security Branch, Department of Transport and Communication were particularly cooperative and provided information generously. The Federal Aviation Authority was helpful in sending their most recent publication Criminal Acts Against Civil Aviation. Dr Ron Clarke assessed the initial bibliography suggesting additional sources. Thanks are also due to the staff of the J. V. Barry Library, summer student Nathan Harris and to Joyleen Chapman for her assistance with this publication.