Epidemiology of illegal drug use in Australia 1988


This conference provides a forum for the exchange of ideas and information about indicators of illegal drug use in Australia. Drug data producers and consumers from all parts of the country discuss the current state of knowledge about illegal drug use.

Proceedings of the First National Drug Indicators Conference, Canberra, 10-12 May 1988


  • Welcome to First National Drug Indicators Conference
    Duncan Chappell
  • Opening address
    The Hon. Neal Blewett

Illegal drug use in Australia: a national overview

  • Indicators of drug use in Australia: an overview of the national data
    Stephen Mugford
  • The role and preliminary findings of research conducted for the Drug Offensive Heroin Prevention Campaign
    Tom Carroll
  • Indicators of illicit drugs in NSW
    Carolyn Muir
  • Statistical indicators of drug use and abuse in Victoria
    John Ross
  • An overview of indicators of illicit drug use in Queensland
    Mel Steur and John McMillan
  • Illegal drug abuse indicators report: Western Australia 1988
    Linda Hayward
  • Indicators of illegal drug use: South Australia
    Craig Faulkner, Trevor Burns and Jill Bungey
  • Illegal drug use - the Tasmanian experience
    Ross E.J. Maher
  • Indicators of drug abuse in the ACT: data from government treatment agencies
    Rosemary Jardine

Research project data bases

  • Heroin distribution in New South Wales
    Ian Dobinson and Patrizia Poletti
  • Cocaine use in upper income groups in Australia: an approach
    D.J. Newell and A. Stevenson
  • The Western Australian Illicit Drug Charges Statistical Collection
    D.I. Smith, P. Somerford and A. Harrison-Stewart
  • Alcohol and drug use patterns of prisoners in Perth
    David Indermaur and Kathy Upton
  • Popular attitudes to drugs and the role of the media
    Ian McAllister and Rhonda Moore

Discussion point

  • The significance of recreational drug users: the example of the cocaine study
    Stephen Mugford

National data bases

  • National drug data bases: the National Drug Abuse Information Centre
    David McDonald
  • Australian Customs Service: Intelligence Drug Database
    Don McDowell

ACT Drug Indicators Project

  • The importance of drug use indicators research
    Grant Wardlaw
  • Agency data: the first six months of results, October 1987 to March 1988
    Adele Stevens
  • User interviews
    Heather Deane


  • Conference participants