Fraud against the Commonwealth 2008–09 annual report to government


This report presents the findings of the seventh annual survey of the fraud experiences of Australian Government agencies reported under the Commonwealth Fraud Control Guidelines, May 2002. It is the third survey undertaken by the Australian Institute of Criminology. As required by the Guidelines, the AIC is to produce a report each year on fraud against the Australian Government and fraud control arrangements within Australian Government agencies. The current report is based on information relating to the 2008–09 financial year, which was supplied by Australian Government agencies after October 2009. Data were provided through the completion of a secure online survey by relevant agencies. In addition, and as required under the Guidelines, this report includes additional data provided by the Australian Federal Police and the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions relating to fraud investigations and prosecutions, respectively. It also reviews and compares public sector fraud findings derived from various fraud surveys undertaken in recent years by market research organisations and consultancy practices.