Alcohol, assault and licensed premises in inner-city areas


This report contains eight linked feasibility studies conducted in Cairns during 2010. These exploratory studies examine the complex challenges of compiling and sharing information about incidents of person-to-person violence in a late night entertainment precinct (LNEP). The studies look at how information can be usefully shared, while preserving the confidentiality of those involved. They also examine how information can be compiled from routinely collected sources with little or no additional resources, and then shared by the agencies that are providing and using the information. The study's two core components focus on data about incidents of person-to-person violence. They show that it is possible to routinely collect data using information about deliberately injured people who have sought treatment in a hospital emergency department and feasible to share the data with enforcement agencies and stakeholders for use in strategies to reduce further incidents in the LNEP. (Overview, edited)

"Scoping studies and baseline data collection for an evaluation of best-practice policing interventions augmented by collaboration with emergency medicine and local community agencies to reduce alcohol-related assault".