Complex commercial fraud


One of the objectives of this conference was to describe the new countermeasures which have been mobilised to combat complex commercial fraud in Australia. Representatives of agencies such as the Australian Securities Commission, the National Crime Authority and the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions discussed the directions they are taking to tackle the problem of fraud. Other papers address such timely topics as penalties appropriate to fraud offenders, and the responsibility of professional advisers for the prevention, detection and rectification of client fraud.

Proceedings of a conference held 20-23 August 1991


  • Preface
  • Keynote address
    Dean Wells
  • Fraud and the liability of company directors
    Brent Fisse
  • The Australian Securities Commission and the prevention of fraud
    Stephen Menzies
  • Auditors and the reporting of illegality and financial fraud
    Roman Tomasic
  • The responsibility of lawyers for the prevention, detection and rectification of client fraud
    John Dowd
  • Professional advisers and white-collar illegality: towards explaining and excusing professional failure
    Peter Grabosky
  • The investigation of fraud
    Leigh Warnick
  • The National Crime Authority and the investigation of fraud
    Gary Livermore
  • International aspects of investigating complex commercial frauds
    Bruce Bannerman
  • Prosecuting complex commercial fraud
    Paul Evans
  • Issues in the defence of charges relating to fraud
    Michael Rozenes
  • Penalties for white-collar crime
    John Braithwaite
  • Confiscating the proceeds of white-collar crime
    Arie Freiberg
  • Media coverage of complex commercial fraud
    Anne Lampe
  • Responding to fraud in the 1990s
    Kevin Zervos