International trends in crime: east meets west


This international conference provided a forum for the inaugural meeting of the Indonesian Society of Criminology. It was held under the sponsorship of the Netherlands Council for Cooperation with Indonesia in Legal Matters, with the administrative assistance of the Australian Institute of Criminology. A large number of criminological issues of interest to both East and West are addressed, including corporate crime, victimology, services for juvenile delinquents, HIV/AIDS in prisons and crimes against the environment.

Proceedings of a conference held 10-13 December 1990


  • Preface
    Mardjono Reksodiputro, Grat van den Heuvel and Duncan Chappell
  • Welcome address
  • Address by General of Police
    Mohammad Sanusi
  • The state of crime in Indonesia: a preliminary overview
    Mardjono Reksodiputro
  • Invisible victims in Indonesia: a concise report on environmental pollution
    J. E. Sahetapy
  • The sociocultural approach in controlling violent crime: a case study of 'siri' phenomenon in Buginese-Makassarese community, South Sulawesi, Indonesia
    Muhammad Mustofa
  • The prevention of child exploitation and abuse: a community responsibility
    Arif Gosita
  • The spectrum of corporate crime in Indonesia
    L. C. Soesanto
  • Environmental problems in Indonesia: a review
    Thomas Sunaryo
  • The prospect of alternative sanctions in Indonesia
  • Attachment and delinquency in Javanese society
    Paulus Hadisuprapto
  • Services for juvenile delinquents in Indonesia
    Suwantji Sisworahardjo
  • Crime defence strategy: an indirect approach in West Java
    Soedjono Dirdjosisworo
  • Reformative or retributive: a preliminary study of the 'Pemasyarakatan' system
    Romli Atmasasmita
  • Legal consciousness
    Hiroyasu Sugihara
  • Crime and victimisation of the elderly in Japan
    Koichi Miyazawa
  • New fraud: a western point of view regarding an ever-present challenge for east and west
    Georges Kellens
  • Corporate crimes in east and west: in search of 'collusion'
    Grat van den Heuvel
  • On the uses of local, national and international crime surveys
    Jan J. M. van Dijk
  • Prevention of violent crime: the work of the National Committee on Violence
    Duncan Chappell
  • Concluding reflections
    Anthony E. Bottoms