Preventing youth suicide


This conference examines the issues associated with preventing youth suicide. Trends in various states are discussed, risk factors are identified, and several innovative programs aimed at preventing youth suicide are described. The roles of the police, school teachers, counsellors, psychiatrists, nurses, custodial officers and the family in assessing and assisting young people are also canvassed.

Proceedings of a conference held 24-26 July 1990


  • Unlived lives: trends in youth suicide

    Riaz Hassan
  • Youth suicide in New South Wales: urban-rural trends 1964-88

    Michael Dudley, Brent Waters, Norm Kelk and John Howard
  • Trends in youth suicide in Tasmania: a comparison between youth and other suicide

    Janet Haines, Elaine Hart, Chris Williams, John Davidson and Walter Slaghuis
  • The prediction of suicide

    Robert Goldney
  • An approach to the issue of youth suicide and attempted suicide in Western Australia

    Bret Hart
  • Completed suicide in Western Australian youth: a study of 96 cases aged 15-24 years

    Sven Silburn, Stephen Zubrick and Linda Hayward
  • Youth suicide prevention: a school personnel training approach

    Christopher Gostelow
  • Swept under the carpet: a community initiative to youth mental health

    Barry Taylor
  • Postvention in adolescent suicide

    Graham Martin
  • Suicide prevention at one school

    Suzane Fabian
  • Clinical work with suicidal young people

    George Halasz
  • Fast cars don't kill me: marginalised young people, HIV and suicide

    David Leary
  • One community, one grief: aspects of Aboriginal destructive and self-destructive behaviours, their 'prevention' and 'causality'

    Graham Brice, A.J. Radford, R.D. Harris, Muriel Van Der Byl, Maureen Neeson and H. Monten
  • Suicide: the coroner as catalyst

    Hal Hallenstein
  • Issues of suicide prevention: 'you cannot counsel the dead'

    Chris Cantor
  • Adolescents in custody: implications for suicide prevention

    Robert Kosky
  • Training the police to handle suicide

    Milton Kelly
  • The crushing of hope?: youth death in detention centres and adult custody

    John Howard
  • CSV initiatives in response to recommendations of the Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody

    Bill Frost
  • Enlistment procedures and initial training program: Kapooka Army Base

    Linda Campbell and Alan Smith
  • Exercise Enigma

    John Stafford and Mark Kearns
  • A community based, multi-disciplinary approach to suicide prevention

    Carol Vleeskens
  • The 'Protective Behaviours' program

    Vicki Fraser
  • Big Sister/Big Brother program

    Alexandra Elrick
  • Suicide: a crisis for the whole family; should suicide survivors be managed differently?

    Pierre Baume
  • The role of the 'Bereaved Through Suicide Support Group' in the care of the bereaved

    Sheila Clark