Sex industry and public policy


These conference proceedings cover various perspectives on the sex industry; overseas sex industry initiatives; economics and the sex industry; and industrial issues. Some of the issues specifically addressed are: health matters such as HIV/AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases; brothel standards; working conditions for sex workers; X rated videos; censorship; law reform; and law enforcement.

Proceedings of a conference held 6-8 May 1991


  • The sex industry in the Australian Capital Territory: a law reformer's perspective

    Bernard Collaery

Clarification of issues

  • Feminist approaches to the sex industry

    Barbara Sullivan
  • Why should we oppose the 'sexploitation' industry?

    Reverend Fred Nile
  • Legal perspectives in clarifying the issues of the sex industry

    Carolyn Pickles

Overseas sex industry perspectives

  • Pornography, sex crime, and public policy

    Berl Kutchinsky
  • The reform of New Zealand's censorship laws: 'feminist' arguments and the freedom of expression

    William K. Hastings
  • The desired object: prostitution in Canada, United States and Australia

    Suzanne E. Hatty
  • Sex, law and social control: the sex industry in New Zealand today

    Jan Jordan

Economics and the sex industry

  • Economics, legislation and piracy

    John Lark
  • Taxation and the sex industry

    Bernie Gallagher

Industrial issues

  • The development of theoretical approaches to sex work in Australian sex-worker rights groups

    Andrew Hunter
  • Victorian situation with legalisation

    Sheranne Dobinson
  • The process of change in Queensland: a worker's perspective

    Kris Anderson
  • The Victorian brothel owners' perspective

    Peter Richardson
  • From the inside

    Amanda Wade
  • Sexual health and safety amongst a group of prostitutes: at work and in their private lives

    Roberta Perkins
  • To work or not to work?

    Cheryl Overs
  • Legal regulation of prostitution: what or who is being controlled?

    Linda Hancock
  • Sex work and regulation: holding on to an image - a sociological reflection

    Grazyna Zajdow
  • Industrial aspects of the sex industry

    Victor Gleeson
  • Prostitution in Victoria: the role of local government - an inner city perspective

    George Bennett
  • The politics of vice: regulation and policy making in the Australian Capital Territory

    Michael Moore
  • Censorship and public opinion

    Robert Swan
  • Pornography and regulation

    Shirley Walters
  • Law enforcement, prostitution and pornography

    Bernard Collaery
  • Community policing and the policing factor of on-street prostitution in the Kings Cross Police Patrol

    James McCloskey and Mike Lazarus
  • Policing of the sex industry in the Australian Capital Territory

    Brian Brinkler