National overview on crime prevention


The papers presented at this conference provide both international and national crime prevention perspectives on crime prevention from private industry and government. The authors show there are no simple solutions to the prevention of crime but their examples illustrate there is significant potential for the community and all levels of government to work together to effectively reduce crime.

Proceedings of a conference held 4-6 June 1991


  • Crime prevention: the universal challenge
    Gilbert Bonnemaison

Crime prevention in Transition

  • An Australian perspective
    Chris Sumner
  • Developments in crime prevention in New Zealand: an overview
    David Oughton
  • Prevention or displacement?
    Dennis Challinger
  • 'Opportunity and desire': making prevention relevant to the criminal and social environment
    Kayleen M. Hazlehurst

Crime prevention: state perspectives

  • Crime prevention: a South Australian perspective
    Sue Millbank
  • An overview of crime prevention in Victoria
    Elizabeth McMillan
  • New South Wales: crime prevention directions for the future
    Christine Nixon
  • Overview of crime prevention in Queensland
    Carol Dalglish

The role of the community in crime prevention

  • Problems and pitfalls in crime prevention
    Rick Sarre
  • Networking crime prevention
    Viktor Urjadko and Graham Setchell
  • The Good Neighbourhood Program in Victoria
    Inez Dussuyer

New directions for police in crime prevention

  • Crime prevention: a challenge for police
    David A. Hunt
  • The community, the council and the police: a combination to reduce crime in Footscray
    Frank Byrne

Private industry and crime prevention

  • Serendipitous crime prevention: success in the private sector
    Dennis Challinger

Future directions

  • Towards a national approach to crime prevention
    Michael Hogan

Workshops: Crime preventions in practice

  • Police Deputies Club
    Colin W. Cornish
  • School Watch
    Helena Sobulis
  • Problem-oriented policing: a team approach
    Jennifer West [and Al Thomson]
  • Mapping crime in South Australia
    Leanne Weber
  • The Youth and the Law Project: community crime prevention through youth
    Loren Polzot
  • Croydon: the Good Neighbourhood Program: an innovative approach to youth programs
    Allan Murnane
  • Change the environment and you change the people
    Chris Warrior
  • Queensland Police Service Women's Safety Project
    Lisa Rosier
  • Safety, security and women: an initiative of the Victorian Ministry of Police and Emergency Services and Victoria Police
    Pat Thurgood and Ralph Stavely
  • HomeAssist: a new approach to house security
    Bev Doherty
  • A youth crime prevention program: Blue Light Youth Camps
    Robert May
  • Adelaide central business district crime prevention plan
    Andrew Paterson
  • Urban design
    Wendy Bell

Local government and crime prevention

  • Noarlunga Together Against Crime
    Rob Noble and Graham Prior
  • Crime prevention and local government in New South Wales
    Russell Hogg
  • New South Wales Police Service crime prevention program on anti-gay/lesbian violence
    Sue Thompson