Women and the law


These conference papers highlight the experiences of Australian women as victims of laws, courts, police, the economic structure, correction policies, and individual oppressors. They also reveal some positive changes. Part 1 : Women and the laws in Australia, covers both current laws and law reform. Part 2 : Women and the criminal justice system, includes papers on female defendants and practitioners, as well as women's experience with police and prisons.

Proceedings of a conference held 24-26 September 1991


  • Opening Address
    Margaret Reynolds

Part 1: Women and the laws in Australia

  • Introduction to part 1: Women and the laws in Australia
    Dr Patricia Easteal
The laws
  • The incredible woman: a recurring character in criminal law
    Dr Jocelynne Scutt
  • Invisible lives: women, dependence and the law
    Dr Suzanne Hatty
  • Battered women who kill: a plea of self-defence
    Dr Patricia Easteal
  • Rape prosecutions in Victoria
    Dr David Brereton
  • Aboriginal women and the law
    Sharon Payne
  • Migrant women and the law: barriers to access and equity
    Bronwyn Scheelbeek
  • Women and economic status
    Steven Mark
Law reform
  • Street prostitution and its manipulation by law in New South Wales
    Roberta Perkins
  • Prostitution in NSW: the impact of deregulation
    Dr Sandra Egger and Christine Harcourt
  • Human rights - another look at abortion
    Beryl Holmes
  • Lunar landscapes: the dark side of sexual assault and the law
    Lea Corbett and Wendy Larcombe

Part 2: Women and the criminal justice system

  • Introduction to part 2: Women and the criminal justice system
    Dr Patricia Easteal
  • Homicide: women as offenders
    Dr Kenneth Polk
  • Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) in the courtroom
    Dr Patricia Easteal
  • Women, social security and criminal justice
    Fiona McDonald
  • Sentencing female offenders in the magistrates' court: preliminary report on a pilot study
    Bronwyn Naylor
  • Women in the legal profession: theory and research
    Dr Sharyn Roach Anleu
  • Feminisation of the magistrate's courts: the influence of gender?
    Roger Douglas and Kathy Laster
  • The history of women in the police service
    Christine Nixon
Vis a vis Police
  • All's fair in love and war: policing women
    Jude McCulloch
  • The big prison
    Amanda George
  • Penal policies: the hidden contracts
    Dr Ann Aungles
  • Children of prisoners and their outside carers: the invisible population
    Gloria Larman and Dr Ann Aungles