Homicide: patterns, prevention and control


These conference papers canvas a range of issues pertaining to homicide including: the issue of crime hot spots; prevention strategies for homicide; masculine violence; homicide between sexual intimates; police and legal perspectives; changing attitudes towards violence and alcohol; homicide trends and statistics; Aboriginal issues; psychiatric issues; gun control; the prosecutorial process; and the question of mandatory life imprisonment.

Proceedings of a conference held 12-14 May 1992


  • Welcome address
    Professor Duncan Chappell
  • Characteristics of homicide in Australia 1990-91
    Heather Strang
  • Preventing homicide through trial and error
    Lawrence W. Sherman
  • A scenario of masculine violence: confrontational homicide
    Kenneth Polk
  • Hot spots for violence: the environment of pubs and clubs
    Professor Ross Homel and Dr Steve Tomsen
  • Homicide: the Northern Territory perspective
    William L. Goedegebuure
  • Homicide between sexual intimates in Australia: a preliminary report
    Dr Patricia Easteal
  • The Law Reform Commission of Victoria homicide prosecution study: the importance of context
    Bronwyn Naylor
  • Killed by a stranger in Victoria, January 1990-April 1992: location, victims' age and risk
    Dr Andros Kapardis
  • The police perspective
    • The changing face of homicide
      Peter Halloran
    • Special issues in serial murder
      Mike Hagan APM
    • Homicide in South Australia
      Jim Litster
    • Issues in the policing of family violence
      Kerryn Nicks
  • Aboriginal homicide: customary law defences or customary lawyers' defences?
    Geoffrey M. Eames QC
  • Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal homicide: 'same but different'
    David F. Martin
  • Homicide and intellectually disabled offenders
    Susan Hayes
  • Current legal issues in forensic psychiatry
    Ian Freckelton
  • Firearms law reform: the limitations of the national approach
    Dr Sandra Egger and Rebecca Peters
  • Critical factors in firearms control
    Errol Mason
  • Gun control and homicide: the shooters' perspective
    Philip G. Brown O.A.M.
  • The role of the pathologist in homicide investigations and coronial inquiries
    Dr David Ranson
  • The abolition of mandatory life imprisonment for murder: some jurisprudential issues
    Dr David Wood
  • Are there too many murder trials?
    John Willis
  • Concluding discussion
    Associate Professor Kenneth Polk, Professor Lawrence Sherman, Dr Sandra Egger, Dr Don Weatherburn, and Deputy Commissioner Bill Goedegebuure