Police technology: Asia Pacific Police Technology Conference


The role of technology in improving the effectiveness of law enforcement is the focus of this conference. Topics discussed include: the role of information technology; managing the acquisition of technology; computer networks, databases and other coordinated information exchange facilities; computer aided investigations; utilising technology for training, mapping and security purposes; and forensic science applications and identification systems.

Proceedings of a conference held 12-14 November 1991


  • Opening address

    Michael Tate
  • Law enforcement and technology

    Robert Hamdorf
  • Managing the acquisition of technology

    Bruce Window
  • Law Enforcement Access Network

    Peter Roberts
  • Traffic cameras: the Victorian experience

    Michael G. Bourne and Ronald C. Cooke
  • Traffic policing: red light/speed cameras

    Wayne Jones and Bruce Leggatt
  • Mobile satellite communications

    Greg Ellis
  • Drugs - the role of the Australian Bureau of Criminal Intelligence and the Australian Criminal Intelligence Database

    Keith Askew
  • The National Police Research Unit  / Techsearch / 3M Audit Bag

    Des Berwick
  • RF radiation - facts and fallacies

    Ken Joyner
  • Investigative skills for the 1990s and beyond

    David Thompson
  • The future of forensic science

    James Robertson
  • Computer Identification System (CIDS): history, synopsis and future directions

    David Chadwick
  • Microphotometry and microspectrophotometry

    Dermot Allen
  • Physical damage to textiles

    Nigel Johnson
  • Mapping: tying data to the real world

    David Lewis
  • Computerised facial construction and reconstruction

    Adrian Paterson
  • Video recording of evidence: the 'I CARE' project

    John Heslop
  • Putting South Australia on the map

    Leanne Weber
  • Non-lethal incapacitation

    Robert Hamdorf
  • An introduction to firearms simulation technology

    Eric Danielsen
  • Command and Control: the computer aided dispatch system

    Senior Sergeant Neil Preston and Ralph Saunders
  • The use of CIE colour coordinates in forensic science

    Elizabeth Kostantakis and Professor Michael Pailthorpe
  • Automated fingerprint system

    Don Toews
  • Information technology: where is it in the coordination of emergency services?

    Peter S. Anderson
  • Fleet management

    William Horman
  • A national police car?

    Warren Hill
  • Security of public places: an overview

    Graham Bourman
  • Technology and the private security industry

    John Hemsley
  • The use of information technology standards to secure telecommunication networks

    John Snare
  • Closing address

    Des Berwick