Aboriginal justice issues


This collection of conference papers focuses on identifying problems and solutions associated with Aboriginal people and the criminal justice system. Topics discussed include community crime prevention, Aboriginal and police relations, juvenile justice, the judiciary, Aboriginal women and the law, corrections, and the media. Recommendations from the conference cover: practical steps towards sovereignty and Royal Commission recommendations; indigenous women; juvenile justice; policing; corrections; and the courts.

Proceedings of a conference held 23-25 June 1992


  • List of contributors
  • Preface
  • Opening address
    Rob Hulls
  • Law reform and the road to independence
    Michael Mansell

Community crime prevention

  • A community development approach to crime prevention in Aboriginal communities
    Barbara Miller
  • Crime prevention strategy for Aboriginal communities
    Rebecca Tonkin
  • Mediation within Aboriginal communities: issues and challenges
    Marg O'Donnell
  • Mwerre Anetyeke Mparntwele (sitting down good in Alice Springs): a project by Tangentyere Council
    Paul Memmott and staff of Tangentyere Council

Aboriginal / police relations

  • Queensland Police Service Aboriginal / police relations
    Terry Tyler and Dianne Jeans
  • Developing police understanding of Aboriginal issues
    Cherie Imlah
  • Julalikari Council's Community Night Patrol
    Dave Curtis

Juvenile justice

  • The Commonwealth's responsibility for Aboriginal young offenders
    Chris Sidoti
  • Developing community initiatives in juvenile justice
    Evelynn Crawford-Maher
  • Juvenile offending in Aurukun: a response and overview
    Allan John Carter

The judiciary

  • Judicial racism
    Chris Cunneen
  • Aboriginal people and the courts
    Lionel Fraser
  • What is obscene - the language or the arrest that follows?
    Kathryn Pirie and Sheryl Cornack
  • The north west court circuit (Pitjantjatjara Lands): a personal perspective
    Garry Hiskey

Aboriginal women and the law

  • Aboriginal women and the law
    Carol Thomas and Joanne Selfe
  • A women's refuge for Bourke: a community initiative
    Esther Alvares


  • The Dooligar Justice Centre: post-Royal Commission response to Aboriginal correctional issues
    Reg Blow
  • The evolution of a consultative approach to corrections on Aboriginal communities
    Angela Musumeci

The media

  • Aboriginal people and the media - reporting Aboriginal affairs
    Diana Plater
  • Closing remarks
    Michael Mansell
  • Recommendations: practical steps toward sovereignty and Royal Commission recommendations