National Conference on Juvenile Justice


This national conference was part of the on-going process of reform in juvenile justice, in a climate of popular concern about rising levels of juvenile crime. Issues discussed at the conference included: juvenile justice programs in various jurisdictions; juvenile justice legislation; education of juveniles while under detention; the policing of young people; and crime prevention and community-based corrections.

Proceedings of a conference held 22-24 September 1992


  • Contributors
  • Preface
    Lynn Atkinson

Juvenile justice: issues and overviews

  • Opening address
    Michael Tate
  • Preventing juvenile crime
    The Honourable Christopher Sumner
  • Juvenile justice: the need to ask the right questions
    John Seymour
  • Juvenile offending: new theory and practice
    John Braithwaite
  • The courts, the judiciary and new directions: the limits of legislative change
    Kate Warner
  • Some trends in officially recorded youth offending: a state-by-state comparison
    Joy Wundersitz
  • Jobs, not gaols: a new agenda for youth
    Kenneth Polk

Jurisdictional perspectives: Australia and New Zealand

  • Juvenile justice - the Western Australian experience
    Hal Jackson
  • Juvenile justice in New Zealand
    Michael J. A. Brown
  • Family decision-making in youth justice: the New Zealand model
    Gabrielle M. Maxwell
  • Issues in juvenile justice in Queensland: new laws, old visions
    Ian O'Connor
  • Sentencing reviews for juvenile offenders: the need for a judicial mechanism
    Margaret Allison and Stephen Armitage
  • Juvenile justice in New South Wales: new directions
    Ian Graham
  • Contact with the justice system over the juvenile years
    Frank Morgan

The policing of young people

  • Young people, community space and social control
    Rob White
  • Facing the consequences
    David Moore
  • Wagga Wagga juvenile cautioning program: "it may be the way to go!"
    Terry O'Connell
  • Policing juveniles: an overseas and Western Australian perspective
    Robert C. Kucera
  • The NYARS report: the police
    Rob White
  • Police cautioning - effective diversion or expedience?
    Ann Lewis and Clement O'Regan

Aboriginal young people and juvenile justice

  • Aboriginal juveniles and the juvenile justice system in New South Wales
    Garth Luke and Chris Cunneen
  • Aboriginal youth, police and the juvenile justice system in Western Australia
    Lynn Atkinson
  • The role of the media in the juvenile justice debate in Western Australia
    Charlotte Stockwell

Programs and services for young people

  • Future directions for girls in custody
    Lynda Saville
  • Services for young women - future directions
    Christine Alder
  • A training plan concept for "yesterday's tomorrows": towards a coordinated and integrated model of vocational education and training in juvenile detention centres
    Doug Hubble and Ross Goodlet
  • Educational provision for young people in custody: a review of provision and coordination in NSW juvenile justice centres
    Sara Thorley Smith
  • Delinquency and homelessness: towards an integrated response
    Lesley Podesta and Peter Jones
  • Logan Youth Legal Service - within an integrated service for young people
    Lawrie Moynihan
  • A mental health perspective on juvenile justice
    Jon Jureidini
  • Where's the justice?: young people, mental health, and the law
    Roger Hearn
  • Street Legal
    Roger Welsh

Crime prevention and community based corrections

  • Queensland's juvenile crime prevention initiative - YACCA - Youth and Community Combined Action
    Michael Tansky
  • Towards a national perspective on Australian youth crime prevention
    Garry Coventry and Reece Walters
  • Schools and juvenile crime prevention
    Paul Omojo Omaji
  • Youth in action: empowering young people for community change
    John Engel and Julia Young
  • Victim-Offender Mediation Program (VOMP)
    Evi Kadar
  • Diversionary programs in operation in Victoria
    Vaughan Duggan
  • Preventative and diversionary programs in Western Australia
    Paul Bartholomew
  • Visions for the future
    Sue Vardon