Private sector and community involvement in the criminal justice system


The conference papers explore the issues of privatisation of prisons; private policing; community involvement in prison programs; community based sanctions; cultural sensitisation; community crime prevention; and juveniles and privatisation. Examples of a range of programs operating in Australia and New Zealand are provided.

Proceedings of a conference held 30 November - 2 December 1992, Wellington, New Zealand


  • Contributors
  • Glossary of Maori terms
  • Preface


  • Opening address
    The Honourable Douglas Graham
  • Privatising prisons: principle and practice 
    Richard W. Harding
  • Some liberal and radical responses to privatising the penal system in Britain 
    Mick Ryan
  • History of contract management in Queensland corrections 
    Stan Macionis and Ross Millican
  • The challenge of change 
    Brian Dickson
  • Private adult custodial corrections in Queensland and the first wave: a critical reflection on the first three years - reform or regression? 
    Paul Moyle
  • Can the private sector do it better in corrections? 
    Christopher Foley-Jones
  • Privatised corrections: United States, Australia and New Zealand 
    Wayne Calabrese
  • Corrections contract management in New South Wales: the Junee experience 
    Ronald Champion and William Curnow
  • Economic aspects of prison privatisation: the Queensland experience 
    Allan Brown
  • Will privatisation impact forecasting for correctional services? 
    Stephen Carter
  • Private sector involvement in corrections 
    David Belton
  • Private prisons - a New Zealand prison officer's perspective 
    Steve Quinn

Private policing

  • Private policing - some recent myths, developments and trends 
    Philip Stenning
  • The Australian private security industry: the need for accountability, regulation and professionalisation 
    Paul Wilson
  • The legal basis for the authority of private police and an examination of their relationship with the "public" police 
    Rick Sarre
  • Private policy and policing - does private enterprise have a role in delivering the output of public safety and security? 
    Stephen Hinds
  • Private policing - no way 
    Robert H. Smith
  • Contestability and cost-benefit in policing: the dilemma 
    Gavin McFadyen
  • Private security or private police? 
    Trevor W. A. Morley
  • The private forensic scientist and the criminal justice system 
    Michael T. Pailthorpe and Nigel A. G. Johnson

Community involvement in prison programs

  • Private sector/community involvement in the New Zealand prison system 
    Terry Craig
  • Cultural development in New Zealand prisons 
    Helen Lomax
  • Kia Mauritau 
    Julie Te Urikore Lux
  • The Justice Whanau Hapu Advisory Committee 
    Rob Brangwin
  • Aboriginal community education and access unit community support for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander inmates within the Queensland prison system 
    Lionel Fraser
  • Private sector and community involvement in the criminal justice system 
    Ralph Flavell

Community involvement and community based sanctions

  • The changing boundaries: what place community organisations in change and reforms of the criminal justice system? 
    Eileen Baldry
  • Practical issues involved with the management of a home detention program 
    Brian Rogers

Cultural workshop

  • Horouta Marae/Wellington Prison joint programs venture habilitation programs 
    Sheryn Elborn
  • Aboriginal customary law 
    Elizabeth Pearce


  • A pilot project in South Australia: privately run programs for offenders 
    Tim Hill
  • The creative use of community care: a coordinated approach to stopping violence 
    Ross Walker and Michael Webster
  • The Men for Non Violence (NZ) Network of Stopping Violence and Community Sex Offender Programs: cost-effective programs for offenders 
    Stephen Jacobs and Ken McMaster
  • Private and state sector psychological services to corrections 
    Harry Love
  • Substance abuse education programs within the New Zealand prison system 
    Elizabeth Jamieson
  • Wellington Prison and Prisoners' Aid and Rehabilitation Society pre-release and resettlement program 
    Sheryn Elborn and Robert Nankivell
  • A case for private sector mediators in reparation 
    Peter Stallworthy

Community crime prevention

  • Community safety and crime prevention: what is the role of government? 
    A. J. Behm
  • Community crime prevention: toward safer communities 
    Colin Hicks
  • Corporate involvement in community safety programs 
    Margaret Miller and David Brown

Juveniles and privatisation

  • Privatisation and the juvenile sector 
    Bob Buchanan
  • Rotorua Legionnaires Academy program 
    Brett Cooper
  • Streets ahead - the rhetoric and reality of youth participation in neighbourhood crime control and prevention: a case study 
    Don Robertson