Criminal justice planning and coordination


This conference reviews the criminal justice system and discusses issues relating to strategic planning, resource allocation, coordination across agencies, policing, crime prevention, the community, juvenile crime and the courts. Several jurisdictions, including representatives from New Zealand and the United States, give accounts of their experiences.

Proceedings of a conference held 19-21 April 1993, Canberra


  • Contributors
  • Preface

    David Biles
  • Comprehensive criminal justice planning: successes, failures and lessons from the American experience

    John K. Hudzik

Strategic issues and criminal justice

  • Strategic planning for the criminal justice system

    Laurie Glanfield
  • Strategic issues in criminal justice system management

    Don Weatherburn
  • The criminal justice system in New Zealand

    Heather Colby
  • Establishing a Ministry of Justice in Western Australia

    Denzil McCotter

Resource allocation

  • Commonwealth grants to states and territories - the impact of criminal justice services

    Robert J. Searle
  • Police resource allocation

    Catherine Bright and John Walker

Coordination in criminal justice

  • The need for strategy in developing teamwork between agencies of the criminal justice system, health and welfare agencies, and the community

    Keith Hamburger
  • Countering organised crime through strategic planning and effective coordination

    William J. Horman
  • Perspectives on the changing role of the judiciary in coordinating criminal justice

    Warwick Soden


  • Crime prevention and car theft in New South Wales: a case study

    Jeff Jarratt
  • The relationship between police and other government agencies: recent changes in perspective in Queensland

    Dianne Jeans
  • Strategic planning and performance evaluation for operational policing

    Jim Hann and Bruce Mortimer

Crime prevention

  • Developing a national crime prevention and community safety policy

    Grant Wardlaw and Gillian O'Malley

Community; juvenile crime; courts

  • The proper role of criminal law in road safety

    John Willis
  • Evaluating family group conferences

    David Moore
  • Legal aid and its role in the reduction of delays in criminal proceedings in Victoria

    Anne-Louise Boag