National Conference on Juvenile Detention


Reform has been prevalent in many juvenile justice centres in Australia during recent years. This conference provides an overview of juvenile detention centres and the juvenile detention population in Australia. The detention centres and the programs offered by different jurisdictions in Australia and New Zealand are described, and the special needs of young women and Aboriginal young people are also examined.

Proceedings of a conference held 10-13 August 1993


  • List of contributors
  • Preface
    Lynn Atkinson
  • An overview of juvenile detention in Australia
    Lynn Atkinson
  • A profile of juveniles in NSW juvenile justice centres
    Michael Cain
  • Managing cultural diversity: the NSW experience
    Ian Graham
  • Management within youth detention centres in Victoria
    Vaughan Duggan
  • Secure detention of young people in residences in New Zealand
    David J. Harvey
  • Development of a New Zealand national secure program for sentenced offenders aged between 14 and 17 years
    Peter Campbell and Liz Nielsen
  • Detention - last resort or just another step in the rehabilitation process?
    Chris McRobert
  • Detention as a last resort - end of the line or a new beginning?
    Laurie Myers
  • Individual casework in juvenile justice centres
    Liam Guilfoyle
  • In need of care: delinquent young women in a delinquent system
    Jenny Bargen
  • Alternatives to secure detention for girls
    Elizabeth Moore
  • Approaches to the psychological treatment of juveniles in detention
    Timothy Keogh
  • Literacy and youth: an evaluation of the literacy practices of young people held in institutional care
    Trevor H. Cairney, Kaye Lowe, Peter McKenzie and Dina Petrakis
  • Vocational education and training in Victoria's youth training centres
    Ron Wilson
  • High tariff intervention with young offenders in Australia and the region: some proposals for research
    Lloyd Owen
  • Directions for the future
    Edited by Lynn Atkinson
    Panel discussion: Lynn Atkinson, David Dingala, Jackie Oakley, Stephen Vose, Laurie Myers, Mike Martin
    Closing comments: David Biles