Environmental crime


These proceedings discuss the crucial issue of how to protect the environment. The papers examine whether criminal law is the most appropriate instrument or whether there are more flexible cost efficient means for curbing environmental degradation. Information based strategies, environmental audits and third party enforcement strategies are suggested as additional mechanisms of environmental regulation.

Proceedings of a conference held 1-3 September 1993, Hobart


  • Contents
  • Contributors
  • Glossary of terms/abbreviations
  • Introduction
    Neil Gunningham and Jennifer Norberry
  • The nature of environmental crime
    Brian Robinson
  • Criminal law and environmental protection - overview of issues and themes
    Nicola Pain
  • Old wine in new bottles: difficulties in the application of general principles of criminal law to environmental law
    Zada Lipman
  • Practical difficulties in prosecuting environmental offenders
    Steven Molino
  • Tasmanian approaches to environmental offences
    Richard Bingham and Ian Woodward
  • Problems with defending crimes against the environment
    Philip Clifford and Sharon Ivey
  • The role of the NSW Land and Environment Court in environmental crime
    Paul Stein
  • Criminal responsibility in relation to offences in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park
    Darin Honchin
  • Corporate criminal liability
    Matthew Goode
  • Prosecuting the crown for environmental offences
    Andrew Beatty
  • Australian pollution laws - offences, penalties and regulatory agencies
    Jennifer Norberry
  • Prosecution guidelines: a commentary
    Dorelle Pinch
  • Enforcing laws in a remote location - Antarctica
    Wendy Fletcher
  • The Intergovernmental Agreement on the Environment and proposals for uniform offences and penalties
    R. J. Fowler
  • Recent developments in environmental criminal law in New South Wales
    Josephine Kelly
  • Pollution from ships: a global perspective
    Paul Nelson
  • The environmental audit as a "sanction" or incentive under the Victorian Environment Protection Act 1970
    Sandra Edmonds
  • Confidentiality of environmental audit documents
    Jan McDonald
  • Self-regulation
    Ian A. Prince
  • Empowering the public: information strategies and environment protection
    Neil Gunningham
  • Citizen suits - tools for improving compliance with environmental laws
    David Mossop
  • Bill of Rights legislation as a sanction against environmental offenders
    Peter Breen
  • Innovative enforcement mechanisms in the United States
    Mark Squillace