HIV/AIDS and prisons


The first national Conference on HIV/AIDS and Prisons was organised by the Australian Institute of Criminology and the National Centre for Epidemiology and Population Health. It examined many issues deriving from the relationship between health care in the prison setting and the management of prisons. Topics covered included overseas management of AIDS in prisons; risk minimisation strategies including education, health services, testing and segregation; and the problems of special groups within the prison population.

Proceedings of a conference held 19-21 November 1990


  • Preface
    Jennifer Norberry
  • Overview
    Jennifer Norberry
  • WHO Global Commission, AIDS recommendations and prisons in Australia
    Michael Kirby
  • AIDS in Australian prisons: what are the challenges?
    Robert Douglas
  • HIV/AIDS in US prisons and gaols: epidemiology, policy, and programs
    Theodore M. Hammett
  • Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) in British prisons: problems, risk behaviours and prevention
    Kate Dolan
  • HIV/AIDS and Australian prisons
    Sandra Egger and Hans Heilpern
  • National HIV/AIDS in prisons information clearing house
    Judi Fortuin
  • Behind bars - risk behaviours for HIV transmission in prisons, a review
    Matt Gaughwin
  • Minimising the spread of the human immunodeficiency virus within the Australian prison system
    John Dwyer
  • A pragmatic approach to the delivery of HIV related services to prisoners
    Stephen Kerr
  • Compulsory testing and integration
    Michael Yabsley
  • HIV/AIDS in the Victorian prison system
    Peter Harmsworth
  • Managing HIV seropositive prisoners in South Australia: some successes and failures
    Ann Bloor
  • The integrated management of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection in South Australian prisons: the medical perspective
    Christopher Liew
  • Managing a therapeutic community¬†'K' Division - a case study
    Paul Hamilton
  • Management issues - a prison officers union perspective
    John Doyle
  • Rights, duties, HIV/AIDS and corrections
    John Godwin
  • Prisoners' rights: treatment, testing, accommodation and privacy of documents
    Beverley Schurr
  • Educational strategies and policy development
    Kim Mannion
  • HIV education strategies within correctional services - the South Australian experience
    Ollie Behrens-Peters
  • Prison AIDS Project : prison officer education
    Eileen Adamson
  • Perception of AIDS in prisons: relevance in developing educational strategies
    Helen Close
  • HIV minimisation strategies for Queensland correctional centres
    Clive Begg
  • Behind bars: HIV risk-taking behaviour of Sydney male drug injectors while in prison
    Alex Wodak
  • Methadone, prisons and AIDS
    Frank McLeod
  • Juveniles and HIV/AIDS policy development and practice in Victoria
    Lisa Ward and Gerard Jones
  • Women prisoners and HIV/AIDS
    Tracie Walsh
  • Management of HIV in community based corrections
    Tony Clunies-Ross
  • Aboriginals, HIV/AIDS and prisons
    Stanley Nangala
  • List of participants