The police and the community in the 1990s


The proceedings look at the definition and concept of community policing, and how it operates in the various states of Australia, particularly Queensland in the post Fitzgerald era. The papers also discuss overseas models of community policing, as well as issues such as implementation problems, the impact of multiculturalism, and evaluation.

Proceedings of a conference held 23-25 October 1990


  • Avoiding the dangers and pitfalls of community policing: ten questions that need to be addressed

    Paul R. Wilson
  • The state of the art in community policing: an international perspective

    David Bayley
  • Community policing: implications for Queensland

    Glenda Waring
  • Issues for the Queensland Police

    R. ​​​Kirkpatrick
  • Community policing - an ACT perspective

    Bernard Collaery
  • Pitfalls of the introduction of community policing

    Jeff Jarratt
  • Changing the face of policing

    Owen Bevan
  • Community policing - questioning some basic assumptions

    Peter Moir
  • Community policing in a multicultural Australia

    Kel Glare
  • Community policing - success or failure? Exploring different models of evaluation

    Rick Sarre
  • The role of the community in crime prevention - Neighbourhood Watch and the broader community interests

    John Woodhead
  • The logic and the possibilities of 'wholistic' community policing

    Lorraine R. Beyer
  • Witness watch

    Norman Webber
  • A youth based community initiative - the juvenile advocacy service

    Phil Costigan
  • Policing rural communities - a Northern Territory police perspective

    Dave Moore
  • School based community policing - Northern Territory

    Kevin G. Maley
  • Crime prevention and socio-legal reform on Aboriginal communities in Queensland

    Barbara Miller
  • Police shootings and community relations

    Jude McCulloch
  • Problems in the implementation of community policing strategies

    Chris Cunneen
  • Community response and fear of crime implications for community policing

    David Collins
  • Overseas models of community policing

    Philip N. Cornish
  • The Inter-Departmental Committee on Youth Affairs Crime Prevention Working Party

    Rod Lees
  • Complaints against the police: a 'community policing' perspective

    Andrew J. Goldsmith
  • Police responses to community policing

    David B. Moore
  • Community policing - the future for Queensland

    Lyall Booth
  • The police and the community in the 1990s - overview: an address to the Australian Institute of Criminology

    Peter Beattie
  • List of participants