Preventing juvenile crime


The papers presented at this conference describe a number of innovative programs which have been effective in preventing juvenile crime in different parts of Australia. They include employment programs, leisure pursuits, and community based activities. The criminal justice system is examined and alternative approaches in correcting and rehabilitating young offenders are considered.

Proceedings of a conference held 17-19 July 1989


  • Delinquency prevention: individual control or social development?
    Robert Semmens
  • The Youth and the Law Project: community crime prevention in action
    Youth and staff from the Youth and the Law Project
  • Three years of youth participation in the community
    John Engel
  • Child abuse - no way!
    Axelle Moutia
  • The entertainment group forum project
    Youth and the Law Project
  • How young people see school: this is no ship of fools
    Roger Slee
  • Education and children 'at risk'
    Stephen Henderson
  • Helping alienated students
    Peter Flint
  • The new-look police youth club
    Percy Carter
  • 'Project DARE' Drug Abuse Resistance Education
    Michael Smith
  • Yahoos - the Tasmanian response
    Don Williams
  • Encouraging good citizenship within schools
    Bob Shaw
  • Diverting young offenders from the formal justice system
    John Heslop
  • Police initiatives in juvenile justice
    John McDonald
  • Love, the missing ingredient
    Ron Barr
  • Early school leaving: 'whatever happened to that kid?'
    David Crosbie
  • Police and social workers: joint work with youth in England
    David Jefferies
  • Youth work - taking it to the streets
    Rob Oerlemans
  • Youth justice reform in New Zealand
    Michael Doolan
  • Can the Children's Court prevent further offending?
    Ian O'Connor
  • Community aid panel
    Paul Dixon
  • A community driven response to juvenile offending
    Allan Carter and Neil Drew
  • Youth attendance orders: a contribution to preventing juvenile crime
    Adrian Commadeur and Michael Bayliss
  • Outdoor adventure camps: personal development through challenge
    Bob Pearson
  • Community based initiatives in crime prevention
    Viktor Urjadko
  • Positive responses to youthful graffiti
    Michael O'Doherty
  • Aboriginal youth and offending
    Ray Dunn
  • Youth advocacy
    John Finlayson