Male victims of non-sexual and non-domestic violence: Service needs and experiences in court


While a great deal of research has been undertaken into female victims of violence, male-focused victimology research undertaken in Australia and internationally is scant. This means it is currently unclear what the support needs of male victims are and if these support needs are being met by the currently available services and programs.

The findings of this report derive from a study commissioned by the NSW Department of Attorney General and Justice Victims Services that sought to address this knowledge gap by exploring the experiences and support needs of male victims of violence (excluding sexual assault and domestic violence) living in New South Wales.

The study involved a comprehensive review of the currently available literature and interviews and focus groups with criminal justice and support service representatives who have contact with male victims of violence as part of their everyday work.


The Australian Institute of Criminology would like to acknowledge the support and assistance provided by the Victims Services section of the NSW Department of Attorney General and Justice who provided funding for this project, assisted with identifying and engaging interview/focus group participants, and provided feedback on the research reports. In particular, we would like to thank Mandy Young (Director Victims Services) who provided support, advice and assistance to the Australian Institute of Criminology throughout the research period. We would also like to express our gratitude to the numerous stakeholders who gave their time to speak to us about their experiences working with male victims of violence.