ACT recidivist offenders


The most recent 2002 Crime and Safety survey of victims of crime in Australia confirms that burglary is still of major concern to the Australian community. From 2000 to 2002 the Australian Capital Territory experienced significant declines in the rate of burglary. This study aimed to determine the key factors associated with this reduction, and to provide a profile of recidivist property offenders in the A.C.T. The report finds significant evidence that an A.C.T. Australian Federal Police operation targeted at repeat offenders, Operation Anchorage, impacted on the burglary rate along with the detention of offenders by the courts either through remand or imprisonment. The analysis also suggests that the A.C.T. burglary reductions were unlikely to have been due to the heroin drought being experienced at the time. The report for the first time provides empirical data on the characteristics of recidivist property offenders in the A.C.T., including the factors that reduce or increase the time to reoffending.