Predictions on future Victorian illicit drug market influences


Fifty-nine police detainees and 84 Victoria Police members predicted what the state of the Victorian illicit drug market would be at the start of 2018. Methamphetamine was predicted to be the most popular illicit drug and the one causing the most harm in 2018. Increases in clandestine laboratories, youth and organised crime involvement, government and law enforcement attention and education were predicted to impact on the methamphetamine market. The ecstasy market was predicted to grow by 2018, driven by demand for it as a party drug. Cocaine was predicted to increase in price and purity by 2018. These changes were predicted to be driven by increased seizures and organised crime involvement, which may increase the number of attempted importations. Fluctuations in cannabis availability, price and purity were predicted, driven by increased cultivation and organised crime involvement in the market. The heroin market was predicted to be stable.