How much fentanyl is available on the darknet?


This bulletin provides a snapshot of the sale and distribution of fentanyl and its analogues across several popular illicit darknet markets. Data collected daily from six darknet markets between 2 January and 23 February 2019 reveal the amount, types and physical forms of fentanyl available.Of more than 123,000 unique drug listings identified, nearly 7,400 were opioids, of which 439 (0.347% of all drugs listed) were fentanyl products. Between 15 and 22 kilograms of fentanyl was available on any day and the average price per gram varied between A$30 and A$301, depending on the physical form. The data also reveal the shipping methods, crossmarket operations and product specialisation of the 102 active fentanyl vendors on these six darknet markets.