Changes in online gambling during the COVID-19 pandemic: April update


This paper examines changes in online gambling behaviour in April 2020 and compares the results with those of March 2020. This comparison was based on identical surveys undertaken a month apart which asked about online gambling participation.

The prevalence of online gambling declined from 24 percent in March to 20 percent in April. Among those participating in online gambling, the proportion who reported betting less on at least one form of online gambling decreased between March (60%) and April (46%).

While the prevalence of online gambling declined, the amount spent increased between March and April. While 20 percent reported spending more in March than at the start of the year, this increased to 33 percent in April.

Factors associated with increased spending in April included being male, being aged under 40 years and living as a couple with children. Notably, the latter was not a predictor of increased spending in March.