National Crime Prevention Framework


The National Crime Prevention Framework has been developed by the Australian Institute of Criminology (AIC) on behalf of the Australia and New Zealand Crime Prevention Senior Officers' Group (ANZCP SOG) as a resource which outlines the most effective approaches to the prevention of crime. It also describes a range of possible roles and functions for state/territory and national governments for the effective delivery of crime prevention activity in Australia.

National Crime Prevention Framework - Overview

National Crime Prevention Framework - Bibliography



  • Introduction
  • Purpose
  • Crime prevention
  • Outcomes
  • Principles for good practice
  • Requirements for effective crime prevention
    • Approaches to preventing crime
    • Key features of effective strategies
  • Priority areas
    • Concentrate efforts on addressing crime problems that present the greatest threat to the safety, security and cohesiveness of communities
    • Continuing to monitor local crime problems, identify local priorities and develop strategies to reduce their impact on the community
    • Addressing new and emerging crime problems
    • Improving the evidence base for crime prevention
    • An ongoing program of capacity building and technical assistance to ensure new knowledge and good practice are actively disseminated and adopted in practice
  • Implementation, monitoring and review