The jury


The jury is an important and vital part of Australia's criminal justice system. These papers discuss the jury system in Australia. They cover the whole spectrum of issues; these include what the public thinks about the jury system, whether the jury system should be retained, whether complex cases require a different form of trial, whether legal language and procedures should be simplified, whether the Australian media should be penalised for revealing jurors' memories of their deliberations, whether the jury should be more representative, and proposed reforms.

Proceedings of a seminar held 20-22 May 1986


  • Overview
  • Welcoming address
    Professor Richard W. Harding
  • Trial by jury: the scope of Section 80 of the Constitution
    Mr Justice L.K. Murphy
  • A commentary on Mr Justice Murphy's paper
    Professor Tony Blackshield
  • Paying lipservice to juries
    Mr John Willis
  • Justice without juries
    Ms Mariette Read
  • The political significance of the jury
    Mr David Neal
  • Public attitudes about the jury
    Mr I.M. Vodanovich
  • Media responsibility for fair trial
    Mr Tom Molomby
  • Jury persuasion
    Mr W.D. Hosking, Q.C.
  • Some psychological aspects relevant to the jury
    Professor Peter W. Sheehan
  • Reformers' views of the jury
    Mr Paul Byrne
  • A reformer's view of jury secrecy
    Professor Michael Chesterman
  • The jury in the criminal justice system
    Dr Jocelynne A. Scutt
  • Reforming the jury: the common ground
    Mr Mark Findlay
  • Uniform jury instruction
    Professor Wayne T. Westling
  • Instructing the jury
    Mr Ivan Potas
  • Inside the jury
    Ms Meredith Wilkie
  • Jurors' reminiscences
    Mr Dennis Challinger
  • Presenting scientific information in court
    Dr Hilton J. Kobus
  • Expert evidence and the ultimate question
    Dr Ben Selinger
  • A forensic standards proposal: the inference chart
    Dr Eric Magnusson and Dr Ben Selinger
  • Jury performance in complex cases
    Professor Richard W. Harding
  • Preserving the jury: a commentary on Professor Harding's paper
    Mr Ian Temby, Q.C.
  • List of participants