Intellectually disabled offenders


The subject of intellectually disabled offenders and the criminal justice system is one of increasing interest and concern. The papers embrace what needs to be done in relation to offenders who are intellectually disabled, as well as the needs of victims with similar disabilities.

The papers in this seminar establish that difficulties with intellectually handicapped offenders are fairly much the same throughout Australia. They include police difficulties in identifying those with intellectual disability, the importance of acquainting the court with the relevant features of disability, and the necessity for sensitive and considered treatment of intellectually disabled prisoners. However relieving the plight of the intellectually disabled in the criminal justice system is most restricted, not by the lack of possible responses, but by the lack of resources to enable action to be taken.

Proceedings of a seminar held 22-24 April 1987


  • Overview

    Dennis Challinger
  • Welcome

    David Biles
  • People with intellectual disability and the criminal justice system

    Ben Bodna

Police and the intellectually disabled

  • Police officers, police surgeons and the intellectually disabled

    Peter Bush
  • Working arrangements with the police and the Intellectual Handicap Services Branch of the Queensland Department of Health

    Dianne Beckey

Courts and the intellectually disabled

  • Understanding what's happened at court or if you're not part of the solution you're part of the problem

    Richard Llewellyn, Peter Millier
  • Acting for the intellectually disabled offender

    Mark Ierace
  • Intellectually disabled offenders: a view from the Children's Court bench

    Ray White

Corrections and the intellectually disabled

  • What corrections should offer the intellectually disabled offender - an idealistic view

    Susan Hayes
  • The psychiatric stigmatisation of the intellectually disabled offender

    Bill Glaser

Help for the intellectually disabled in the criminal justice system

  • A normalised approach to supporting intellectually disabled offenders

    Paul Gannon
  • Advocacy

Services for intellectually disabled offenders

  • Sport and recreation: help for intellectually disabled offenders

    Marie Little
  • People with disruptive behaviour in Alice Springs and remote communities

    Michele Castagna
  • Doing something positive: developments in Western Australia

    Geoff Jones


  • Participants