Crime at school


Schools have long been the sites of behaviour which can be described, literally, as crime. Thefts, assaults, sex offences, vandalism, offensive behaviour and indecent language continue to occur within schools. Teachers and students are both victims and offenders, and various school practices have been developed to maintain order and discipline.

This seminar presents papers on reducing crime in schools. In particular it focuses on school discipline, behaviour management, and conflict resolution.

Proceedings of a seminar held 2-4 June 1987


  • Crime at school: an overview
    Dennis Challinger
  • Welcoming address
    David Biles
  • Understanding and preventing behavioural problems in school
    Maurice Balson
  • Parents' view of crime at school
    Helen Szuty
  • Awareness/action/prevention: the pre-service education of teachers relevant to the prevention of crime at schools
    Alistair Peacock
  • Introducing a school discipline code
    Kate Sutherland
  • Empowering the school community: conflict resolution and mediation
    Helena Cornelius
  • Conflict resolution: an alternative approach to school discipline
    Susan Plunkett
  • Adjusting to the abolition of corporal punishment: the South Australian Student Behaviour Management Project
    Geoff Thorpe
  • Using suspension as a sanction: the revision of regulations in Victoria
    Roger Slee
  • 'The Haven' - Whyalla alternative secondary school
    Christine Woithe
  • A study of self-reported offending by Victorian adolescents
    Shane Carroll
  • The 'Ali Baba' program: a joint YACS and NSW Department of Education initiative in intervention into juvenile theft behaviour
    Gregg Chapman
  • Principals and police - a pilot study
    Dennis Challinger
  • The school based community police officer
    Roy Harvey
  • Preventative policing in Queensland schools
    David Jefferies, Tony Rand, Sally Leivesley
  • Arson, vandalism and schools
    Frank Meaney
  • Security against property crime at school: the Victorian Government's response to school crime
    Colin O'Neill
  • School experience of young offenders
    Bob Semmens
  • Schooling and the development of delinquency aspects of the 'hidden curriculum'
    Simon Petrie
  • Criminal teachers?
    Peggy Mares
  • Participants