Preventing property crime


The papers discuss property crime and its prevention. Topics include vandalism, Neighbourhood Watch, and crime prevention in the workplace. The major point to emerge from the seminar is the importance of local communities in preventing property crimes.

Proceedings of a seminar held 24-25 November 1987


  • Overview
    Dennis Challinger
  • Opening address
    Duncan Chappell
  • Crime prevention in England: themes and issues
    Paul Ekblom
  • Public telephone vandalism
    Bill Jamieson
  • Preventing criminal damage to schools
    John Allsopp

Neighbourhood Watch: a discussion

  • Issues and policy implications
    Paul Wilson and Satyanshu Mukherjee
  • Neighbourhood Watch in America
    Chris Coster
  • Neighbourhood Watch, the elderly and ethnic communities
    Andrew Hiller
  • Society's attitude to crime
    John Westbury


  • Selling crime prevention to the community
    Jim King
  • The crime prevention industry
    John Hopgood
  • Anatomy of a crime prevention publicity campaign
    Laurie Monaghan

Crime prevention in the workplace

  • Crime is a symptom, bad management the disease
    Ray Brown
  • A retail perspective
    John Rice


  • Participants list