Fraud in the public sector


This special edition of the Canberra bulletin of public administration highlights the issue of fraud in the government. Based on two seminars, the papers discuss issues, policies and problems pertinent to the fight against fraud. Topics address the ethical framework and environment relevant to the handling of fraud in the public sector, the responsibility of line management to identify fraud risks and action remedial measures, views from two state government auditor-generals, investigation and prosecution of fraud cases, and fraud prevention and remedy.

Proceedings of an autumn seminar held 2 May 1988 (The Australian National University) and a seminar held 18-20 July 1988 (Australian Institute of Criminology)


  • Introduction

Setting the scene

  • Defining fraud and examining it as an issue which governments need to address
    Michael Tate
  • From the newspapers
  • Fraud on government: a criminological overview
    Dennis Challinger
  • The Commonwealth Government's Fraud Control Committee: its brief and purpose
    Alan Rose

Ethical dimensions

  • Ethics, fraud and the public service
    John Enfield
  • Some problems of police ethics
    Ray Whitrod

Management responsibilities

  • The importance of risk analysis and management
    Barry S. Leithhead
  • Ethics and control of social security payments
    Derek Volker
  • Investigating motor accident fraud: a case study
    Dick Wright
  • Publicity and its impact upon fraud
    Richard Daniell
  • Key elements in investigating fraud
    Warren Simmons

Audit views

  • Risk management and the role of the auditor in preventing fraud
    R.G. Humphry
  • Fraud on government: the role of the Auditor-General in investigating fraud
    V.C. Doyle

Investigation and prosecution

  • Impediments to tackling fraud
    Ian Temby
  • Prosecution of fraud on government
    Kevin Zervos
  • Drawn out and complicated: problems with fraud trials
    Terry Griffin and Brian Rowe
  • The National Crime Authority: its role in investigating fraud
    John Buxton
  • The police practitioner's perspective
    Chris Eaton

Prevention and remedy

  • Minimising fraud through preventive systems
    Garry D. Dinnie
  • Alternative remedies for fraud: rule of law versus administrative remedies
    Rick Sarre
  • Blowing the whistle on fraud in government
    John McMillan
  • Citizen co-production in fraud control
    P.N. Grabosky